Dumb question about liberal arts major

<p>Is there a difference between (a) majoring in liberal arts and (b) attending a liberal arts college, but majoring in something like math or history or chemistry?</p>

<p>yes. liberal arts college offer a lot of majors such as math, bio, languages, art and so on ..... but not many majors. You can major in one of them at a liberal arts college.
Liberal arts major is like studying through a lot of different majors but not focusing on one or two majors. Liberal arts major may study some math but they wont probably go as deep as an Maths major.<br>
Hope it helps!</p>

<p>A liberal arts major gives you a broad and general understanding of a lot of different areas of study. Many liberal arts colleges offer such "liberal arts" or "liberal studies" degrees.</p>

<p>Contrast that with a standard degree which is often not very broad, but is instead deep. If you go straight chemistry, you might know a lot about chemistry, but very little about history, or philosophy, or psychology.</p>

<p>Some will say that an ideal setting is, as you asked, a liberal arts college which allows particular majors. These will often mandate you take a certain breadth of classes across a spectrum of options, but will still allow you to delve deeply into one or two particular fields too.</p>

<p>Many employers are valuing more and more the quality of education which comes with breadth of knowledge, as opposed to mere depth. A "liberal arts" education seeks to educate the whole person, not merely teach a set of skills so that one can perform. That's what the "liberal" means in the term: to set free. </p>

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