Dumb question... are RD apps due tonight or tmrw night?

<p>I know they're due Jan. 1, but is that tonight (Dec. 31) at midnight or tomorrow night (Jan. 1) by 11:59? Thanks... and happy new year :)</p>

<p>I’m fairly sure it’s tomorrow because some schools list their deadline as the 31st. Still with different time zones and such depending on where you live, earlier is always better to make sure your app will be accepted for review.</p>

<p>@Heisenbergyk‌ good point, thanks. Asking because I just decided to apply here this week so my supplemental essay is in rough shape, and I need as much time as I can get. </p>

It’s tomorrow at probably midnight CST. I submitted my ED application on the due date at 8PM CST. I wouldn’t push it much later since there could be server problems so trying finishing it asap.