Dumbest that you know that got into an Ivy-caliber school

<p>I think that it would be refreshing for CC'ers to see that they have a chance at top schools. So, just list the stats of the least qualified applicant that know that got into a Top University and the name of the school. Also list if they were urm, legacy, etc.</p>

<p>For once, give CC'ers hope.:)</p>

<p>the least qualified ACADEMICALLy would be a guy i know who got into Harvard, with no AP's, a 3.5 and a 1300 on SAT. But that's not even that bad. I know a guy who got into yale with a 3.2 and 1310 on SAT...but he was a legacy and family donatd tons of money.</p>

<p>A friend is going to Harvard with a cumulative GPA of 3.2. His junior year was 2.9 with a moderate courseload, and he only took 3 APs his senior year. He didn't even graduate "cum laude" (where most kids who go to like michigan state get magna or summa cum laude)...he got a 28 on his ACT and his EC's were very average.</p>

<p>sheesh this thread is incredibly cruel</p>

<p>^ y do you say so?</p>

<p>Because you're really degrading these kids. even if you're ranked last in the class at Harvard, you're still amazingly smart. Athletes, legacies, etc. wouldn't be let in if they were dumb by any stretch. Last time I checked a 1300 SAT is damn good.</p>

<p>PS I'm probably just sensitive because I could very well fit this category.</p>

<p>I think the point of the thread is to make people realize that you don't need to help with AIDS in Africa, have 1500 SATs, 15 APs, and be on 4 State Champ teams to get into an Ivy League.</p>

<p>They're trying to cool people off, no need to take offense. :P</p>

<p>Granted, the title of the thread isn't what it should have been, but... Eh</p>

<p>I fit into this catagory as way...low gpa (3.2ish) high sat's. im not degrading them..im just saying that it is uncommon.</p>


Then how did he get into Harvard?????</p>

<p>2000 sat + 3.2 gpa...recruited athlete though</p>

<p>Frankly, Harvard et al does not want a class full of kids with perfect SATs and 4.0, they are looking for more diversity and what special something a student can bring to their school. Most could fill their classes with students with perfect stats, but they want a concert pianist, a writer, a kid with a wicked curve ball, and a hockey goalie that can see more rubber than Goodyear.....that makes for an interesting class.</p>

<p>Do I think it is unfair that my 3.2 GPA child with average SATs is being recruited by Ivies and NESCACs for his sport? absolutely not. There is no doubt in my mind that he can do the work and he brings his own interesting set of qualities to a school</p>

<p>Athelete, Leadership</p>

<p>GPA: 2.88 (highest level classes)
CR: 600
Math: 760</p>

<p>SAT II:
Writing: 650
IIC: 800
Bio (E): 600</p>

<p>girl with a 1950 getting into Princeton.</p>

<p>No offense but it kinda gets me angry seeing people get in with these low stats. But thats life.</p>

<p>It gives me hope :)</p>

<p>Parents donate a few million dollars worth to the college, boom, you're in (unless you're really, REALLY bad academically, or is technically a criminal).</p>

<p>the benefits of being rich... maybe my goal should be to get rich so i can donate shiploads of money to Harvard and get my kid in... they do say you live your dreams through your children lol</p>

<p>man, my kids can earn their way in, i'm not wastin' my hard earned cash on those little brats...</p>

<p>a.k.a how the asian parent talks :)</p>

<p>I dont know if I should take offense to this thread or not, but I was one person who got into Cornell, Duke, and NYU with a scholarship with a substantially lower gpa than my peers. I had a 93.5 gpa( with a C on my 9th grade transcript) and a 1540 m+v SAT. The day people found out where I got in, they slandered, insulted, and accused me of being a liar, and openly said how I didnt deserve those schools in front of me. The thing is I was neither an urm, or a recruited athlete, plus I was really quiet, so how the hell would an ivy or ivy-caliber school want me ? Well, I just had ridiiculuous passion in research and volunteering that I blatantly showed in my application. Nevertheless, the insults kept coming, the rude comments, and I lost a lot of friends. By the time senior year ended, I was only friends with maybe 10-15 kids out of a class of 250. The rest just couldnt accept the face the fact that the class mute with "bad grades" and thus assuming a "bad SAT score" would do so well in the college admissions process. </p>

<p>The point that im trying to make is that dont necessarily think that the "dumbest people that you know" are in fact stupid. They may have skills or passions that you would have never guessed which these types of schools could be looking for.</p>

<p>p.s.: I hope my post will give CC'ers hope :p</p>