Duquesne!!!! (MCAT ppl Unite)

<p>Duquesne (pronounced Ducane) best university ever, they prepare you for MCAT I heard. I knew ppl (more than 1) come out of there with kickass MCAT scores and went to Harvard and Johns Hopkins medical School. I got 1400 on my SAT :(, going to try to apply to it RD, hopefully i'll get in, common, ppl, we'll be studying partners in the future :). Georgetown for ED.</p>

<p>is that a fort?</p>

<p>ill be taking the mcat some day... but first i need to get into college.</p>

<p>haha ecnerwalc...ap us! yea fort duquesne..had something to do with the ohio company and the french and indian war...right?
oh wow..what a dork i am</p>

<p>i took violin lessons there 12 years ago : ).</p>

<p>Duquesne is a really good school, it's pretty easy to get into though. Quite expensive. It's where I'm going if I don't get into Pitt.</p>