Duquesne Univ. and USP?

<p>`HI, I applied to those two colleges and got in, Duquesne and University of Sciences in Philadelphia.</p>

<p>I both got in to them as a pharmacy major.</p>

<p>I would like to know which one is better as socially and educationally.</p>

<p>Anyone knows??Please give me some info. I have to decide where to go!</p>

<p>THANK YOU.</p>

<p>Philadelphia is a large, fast paced, northeastern city. Pittsburgh is a small, laid back, midwestern type city. Both are great cities for college students. Philadelphia offers a much larger quanity of opportunities (cultural & social). Pittsburgh has the same quality of opportunities but in less quantity. Philadelphia is a major city. Pittsburgh is a great "starter city" for a college student who does not come from an urban area.</p>

<p>U of Sciences is located in an area of Philadelphia called University City. U of Penn & Drexel U. are also in the area. That area of the city is very active. The train station, hospitals, resturants, nightclubs and traffic are chacteristic of the area. The area also has the crime & saftey issues that you have to consider in an urban area. U of S is close to some "difficult" areas. Heads Up at night!</p>

<p>Duquesne is adjacent to downtown Pittsburgh. The neighborhood is called Uptown and is not real nice. But Duquesne sits in the top of a hill, "Bluff." When you are on the Duquesne campus you would not know you are in a city except for the beautiful views of the Pittsburgh skyline and the adjacent hills on the South Side. The campus is very well maintained and there is virtually no serious crime on campus. Duquesne feels very safe, day or night. The university is isolated from the city and there is no traffic other than campus traffic.</p>

<p>As the name suggests, most students major in some area of the sciences at U of S. At Duquesne, there is a full range of academic studies. Pharmacy and a "world class" music school are the top programs. Duquesne is a Catholic university that is conservative. It is not very diverse. Many of its students are white, middle to upper middle class. The University City area of Philadelphia is extremely diverse. Temple University, a 10 minute train ride away, may be one of the most diverse universities in the country. </p>

<p>You really need to spend a couple days at both schools and check out the campus and city. They are completely different, but both are excellent schools in great cities. Don't let the fact that they are both in the same state that there may be similarities between the two locations. Philadelphia is more like Boston, NYC and Washington DC. Pittsburgh is more like Cleveland, Cincy and St. Louis.</p>

<p>Hope this helps</p>

<p>swathman - You gave a superb, carefully considered answer. I grew up just outside Philly and went to college for a year in Pittsburgh (with relatives still in the area) and your summary on both the cities and the two universities hits the mark.</p>