Duquesne University PA Studies 2019

When does Duquesne typically notify students who are admitted to their PA program?

According to the website, notifications will go out Feb 1, 2020


Best of luck to you!

Thank you! That’s a long time to wait! :slight_smile:

My son just got an acceptance to the PA program this evening! He applied EA in October.

Good luck all!

Daughter waitlisted…wondering how likely it is that a spot becomes available. Congrats to all who were accepted!

Akoolmom, Congrats on your son’s acceptance! Ktgoingbroke, my daughter was also waitlisted. I think I recall hearing there are 100 people on the waitlist. I am also wondering how likely it is that a spot will become available.

Akoolmom, would you mind sharing your son’s stats, EC, healthcare experiences? Congrats on his acceptance to Duquesne MPAS program!

Fellows21, thanks & good luck!

His stats-for future applicants:
GPA: ~ 3.87 / 4.00 scale, all honors classes at a magnet health-science HS (no APs except CALC is offered)
SAT: ~ 1400+/ 1600
EC: EMT volunteer, 6 weeks of 3x/week of orthopaedic internship shadowing, 120 hrs hospital & other health care shadowing hours, volunteered at a disabled children’s camp as a 24/7 buddy/counselor, musician at our church & nursing homes, dance team, martial arts ass’t instructor, and president & board member of various clubs at schools, incl science competition winner. Member of Medical Explorers hospital program for several years.

Not sure if they tracked interest, but we visited them each time they are in town.

They want a commitment by March 1, so IF those who were accepted does NOT put down their deposit, there is a chance as I heard they work off the waitlist.

My son was waitlisted also. What other programs did your kids apply to and were they accepted to any of those?

Your son has a very impressive resume! It sounds like he attends an amazing magnet school! My daughter only applied to 2 (5 year MPAS) programs which seems unusual as I read this site. Many kids seem to be applying to several 5 year programs. My daughter opted to apply to 3 traditional universities because we see advantages to both academic paths. She was accepted everywhere she applied with the exception of Duquesne who waitlisted her, so she has great options! She needs to decide if she wants to commit to Gannon’s 5 year accelerated program or go the traditional 4+2 route. Pitt is leading the 4+2 category and she’s still waiting on Duquesne. Congrats again and good luck to those waitlisted!

My daughter was accepted off the waitlist yesterday! February is going to get interesting!!

My son was accepted off of the waitlist, however it appears that the cost to attend Duquesne is $$$ in comparison to the other schools he is considering (Seton Hill and Jefferson are at the top of the list). Is it worth the price?

Congrats on your son’s acceptances to PA programs. How long did Duquesne give him to accept or decline their offer?