Duquesne's Entrepreneurship Major

Hi there! I’m about to enter my senior year of high school and I just finished up a tour at Duquesne University. I loved the city of Pittsburgh, and it’s definitely my top school bc of it’s Study Abroad options and the Entrepreneurship major. I’m not necessarily looking to be the CEO of a cool-new start-up, but I own my own photography business now for weddings and I just love owning a business that’s mine. So it’s something that I’m looking to pursue! But I’ve still never spoken to anyone who majored in Entrepreneurship at Duquesne. Was wondering if anyone here has any better info on it? I talked to a few people on the tour but I’d love some more info from people actually in the program. :slight_smile: Here are my stats if it helps:

SAT: 1220
GPA: 3.2
Lots of Job Experience, Business Owner
AP Lit
AP Photography
AP Human Geography
4 Years of German
2 Years of French
Volunteer Experience, Leadership Experience

Thank you!!