Dying to be a Hoya- Chance Me? :)

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I'm really, really hoping to get into the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. Please be honest and tell me what you think my chances are?</p>

<p>White Female, Florida</p>

<p>Applying EA to SFS</p>

<p>GPA: 3.89 unweighted, 4.89 weighted</p>

<p>SATs: 750 Writing, 680 Math, 720 Reading</p>

<p>SAT II: 720 Literature, 730 US History, 740 World History</p>

<p>APs: Human Geography (4), Biology (3), World History (4), US History (5), English Language (5), Psychology (5), Environmental Science (4)</p>

4 Years of Varsity Cheerleading, 1 year Co-Captain
4 Years of Model United Nations, 2 year President
National Honor Society, 2 years
Varsity Dance Team, 2 years
Academic World Quest, 3 years, 1 year Co-Captain
Competitive Dance, 2 years</p>

<p>Part time jobs:
State Farm Insurance Receptionist
Model at Abercrombie and Fitch</p>

Laws of Life Essay Finalist
One 3rd Place, One 2nd Place, and Three 1st Place MUN awards (one of which was at Georgetown)
4th Place Essay (out of 400)
Laureate Scholar
Outstanding Representative (1st Place out of 120) at Florida Girls State
AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semifinalist</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP Macro
AP US Government
AP Spanish
AP Literature
Anatomy (H)
Marine science (H)
AP Art History</p>

<p>Stand an OK shot...scores arent going to stand out and shock anyone, your ECs are mainly focused on dancing, how are you going to empahsize that on your app and how it will strengthen at GTown?</p>

<p>Right now Gtown is a reach for you, maybe 30% chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Your test scores, GPA, and senior schedule look fine, and that means the more subjective parts of your application will be important. From your awards, it appears that you're a good writer which will help with your essays. I get the feeling that you're a passionate person because although you don't have a huge range of ECs, you excel at the ones you are involved in. That's great, and will help you. Definitely apply. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you, I appreciate your honesty :)</p>

<p>Nova, to be honest, I was hoping my cheer/dance would provide a bit of a spin on the application. While MUN is my biggest passion, you don't find many Georgetown applicants who branch outside of the whole academic sphere, with the exception of a few sports, of course. </p>

<p>YoPongo, thanks for your reply. I hope I don't sound immodest, but I do like to think I'm a good writer, so I hope that'll help put my application over the edge.</p>

<p>I think you've got a real good shot, over 50% for sure. what yapongo said is right, you've got a lot of ECs and i know they love that!</p>

<p>Much like you, the humanities are my forte. I would have killed for your schedule my senior year. My college counselors (knowing my list of crazy reach schools-- including the SFS) put the big kibosh on taking AP Latin and AP Art History as electives and put me straight into Intro to Calc and Physics. I was wondering if your college counselor had talked to you about the pros/cons of taking a math or math based science course your senior year.</p>

<p>Yeah, I still might take Physics H over Marine...Math isn't really my forte, as you can see by my SAT scores :(</p>

<p>Have you thought about a statistics or APstats course? A stats course would be extremely helpful for analyzing trends/data in the more quantitative courses in the SFS core curriculum. </p>

<p>Your 5 on APlang will max you out on the English AP credit with two credits (HUMW 011 and 2nd Humanities & Writing course) so even another 5 on APlit won't get you any additional credit at the SFS. You could possibly sub an APstats for the APlit (if you were looking to keep the same number of AP in your senior schedule). Good luck!</p>

<p>I was planning on taking AP Stat, but there's a strange rule at my school where if you take Probability and Statistics Honors (which I did), the credit for that class gets eliminated if you take AP Stat. So they would only see my AP Stat credit, not P/S Honors. Do you think that would still be a better choice?</p>

<p>I would say you have a lot of good options...</p>

<p>If you did really well in the P/S Honors, I probably wouldn't bother w/APStats. I'm just curious...Is the material taught in P/S Honors almost identical to APStats (at your school)? Is that why your school negates the credit? </p>

<p>If you really want to show the ADCOM a math AP, and you will have enough credits to graduate (subbing APStats for P/S Honors) then I would go ahead and take the APStats. If you apply EA, the ADCOM is only going to see that you took P/S Honors and now you've taken the logical progression to APStats. Kind of like a pre-Calc --> APCalc progression...</p>

<p>Physics would also be a nice option to flex your intellectual muscles. We all know that not all classes or AP's carry the same weight in the ADCOM's eyes, you are smart to try to show off some range.</p>

<p>Do you have any service aside from NHS? Or are there any particularly impressive things you've done with NHS?</p>

<p>okay I can't lie, I nerdily read all of these chance threads hoping to find out my chances but I didn't expect to stumble upon someone I know! you have a lot of great things going for you and I know that you will rock your interview so you have a really solid shot. I swear most of the top schools just take all of their qualified applicants and throw their applications up in the air and take the ones that land face up. best of luck to you and maybe we can be hoyas together (if we both luck out)! (and if you didn't figure it out yet its your speaker of the house)</p>