E-Mailed Decisions

<p>I'm aware of the online release on the 31st, but last year emails were sent on the 29th. Does anyone know if this will happen this year as well?</p>

<p>Not to jack your thread but does anyone know if they mail envelopes (snail mail) on the same day they email decisions?</p>

<p>Nope. It won't</p>

<p>from the website:
Decision e-mails will be sent on Monday, March 31st after 5pm (ET). Please be aware that due to the volume of decision emails being sent, decisions may not be delivered to your inbox immediately and could take a few hours to reach you.</p>

<p>hope this helps!</p>

<p>and the letters are usually sent out the same day, for most colleges anyway. If not they would definitely be in the mail on the first.</p>

<p>if you haven't (or didn't) check the box to recieve your admissions decision by email, you can still do so.</p>

<p>"Applicants who wish to choose e-mail notification must do so by 5pm on March 28."</p>

<p>^^ WOOT Thank you so much, I can not stand to wait any longer than I have to.</p>

<p>Ok found it.</p>

<p>does anyone know why it was the 29th last year, I thought the ivies all had the same date.</p>

<p>Each year they do have the same date. And this year they all chose to release admissions decisions at 5 pm (ET) on the 31st.</p>

<p>I think part of it may have to do with the large applicant pool this year that every school has seen. A couple thousand applications can call for another few days.</p>

<p>and hopefully we'll all get some good news...::crosses fingers::</p>

<p>Is accepted/rejected in the subject line of the email?</p>

<p>I heard it's just "Harvard Decision."</p>

<p>Can you imagine: "From: Harvard, Re: No."? I think I would literally burst into tears.</p>

<p>probably just "Your Application to Harvard College." at least thats how columbia emailed me for the likely. maybe ivies copy each other's format in emailing, too. :)</p>

<p>then how big is the acceptance email ,like 5 K or ....???
I know The rejection email is usually very short.</p>

<p>Lol, the date changes every year...</p>

<p>you're reading way too much into this. Size of e-mail? COME ON!</p>

<p>All the ivies release on the same day? Then how did my friend already get into Dartmouth?</p>

<p>^^^Likely letter...Some places are rolling like Cornell but for the most part all ivies are on the same day. The main two ivies known for likely letters are dartmouth and cornell. Upenn does some too as well as Harvard. I'm talking about nonathletic likely letters btw.</p>

actually, I've never thought of that before. But now if I get a 1 kb email I might cry before I even get rejected.</p>

<p>Just curious, what do the accepted envelopes look like? Fat or thin? </p>

<p>Not that I'm getting one LOL. It would be cool, but yeah.</p>

<p>What is the official website to look up decisions?</p>