<p>Does anyone own one? Which is the best? I"m thinking of investing in a nook tablet but i wanted to hear some opinions.</p>

<p>I have a Kindle and use it every day. The display, size, weight, and battery life are excellent for book reading.</p>

<p>i have an ipad.</p>

<p>i use the kindle app on my ipad.</p>

<p>I have a Simple Nook as does D and we use it a lot. Very happy with it. DH has a Nook 1st edition as well as the Nook app on his iPad and he's happy with those as well.</p>

<p>D and I have Kindle Fires, H has a Kindle Touch. We each LOVE our e-readers. D was able to get quite a few of her textbooks (and save money and backpack space!) on her Kindle, and I like the ability to use it as a pretty full-function tablet as well. Hubs just wants to read, so the KTouch is perfect for him. </p>

<p>I looked at both Nook and Kindle when I was deciding, and am happy I chose the Kindle. From what I can see, Amazon has the larger selection of books, and I enjoy the wifi delivery of things (no need to plug in and download). It's very easy to get public library books (and there are also thousands of free ebooks out there, as well as ones to purchase.)</p>

<p>I never thought I'd be an ereader person, until there was a specialty book I really wanted to read. My library didn't have it, wasn't interested in ordering it. In print, it was $60...but the e version was under 10 bucks...</p>

<p>Now I can't imagine going without it. (Actually bought a new purse that has a pocket that holds the Kindle perfectly. I like the reliable size -- read the new Stephen King book (price was much less than hardback copy) without the tell-tale "tummy dents" one gets when balancing a large paper book to read. And yes, I do still read in the tub. Figure I never dropped any of my paper books in the bath all these years, so I should be good to go. (Then again, I bought the extended warranty that covers all sorts of mishaps...)</p>

<p>I do have a Kindle reader on my phone, but that's a desperation read (too many page flips per minute!) I know some people swear by reading on their ipads, but that was out of my price range. </p>

<p>Happy shopping! If you have a chance, go to a B&N store to look at the Nooks, then check out Best Buy or Staples, where they carry the full line of Kindles.</p>

<p>There are several long threads on e-readers. You might want to do a search for 'kindle' and pull some of them up.</p>

<p>Kindle Fire here.
Angry Birds, more fun than reading. :)</p>

<p>I have the classic nook, and love it. When I'm reading, I want to be off the grid -- no email, no surfing, no games -- just a good book. Plus, I don't think I could read for long periods on a backlit screen.</p>