E-town in the new rankings

<p>Elizabethtown ranked #1 as best value baccalaureate college in the NE in the new USNWR rankings, and #4 overall in this category!</p>

<p>We just visited last Tuesday. Very nice campus, and very friendly people. Of course, it's hard to get a feel for the place when it's not full of students. One interesting fact-- no football team, apparently because of the Church of the Brethren affiliation (no Greek life either). Not important for our son, but something to note.</p>

<p>No football, but soccer is very big at E-town. Lots of other sports too - my son played tennis. No Greek life, but there are special interest group houses at the edge of campus. Groups of kids who share an interest in a certain community service (ie tutoring or being a Big Brother) can choose to live together in these houses.</p>

<p>We got the feeling that there were plenty of things to do and lots of athletic opportunities, despite the lack of football and Greek life.</p>