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<p>I see that Elizabethtown College is newly added to this forum. I have a son who graduated from E-town 3 years ago, and would gladly offer info to prospective parents/students.</p>

<p>What is the average SAT/GPA of admitted students?</p>

<p>That is a question that could best be answered by someone in the admissions office. Call them - everyone I ever talked to there either on the phone or in person was extremely friendly and helpful! Check their website Elizabethtown</a> College There are message boards where you can ask specific questions such as yours.</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted at Etown and is seriously considering going there. We visited the campus 18 months ago and really liked everything we saw with the possible exception of the the town. I don't remember it very clearly, just a vague impression that there was nothing at all attractive about it. We don't mind that it is a small town - that's a plus, actually - but are there places students like to go in town? And what is the town/gown relationship like? One other concern is that most of the student body is from Pennsylvania... do students go home on weekends? Do they think globally? Any insights you have would be welcome.</p>

<p>Elizabethtown is really small, but the students and locals have a great relationship. The college has service learning programs with the community, for example my son was a Big Brother to a young boy at the Masonic children's home, a role that he continued past graduation. There is so much to do on campus that it doesn't really matter about the town (it is very small and somewhat unattractive). Downtown E-town has a few pizza places and shops within walking distance, and there are malls and restaurants within a short driving distance for students with cars ( I believe there may be shuttles from campus at certain times). Hershey is very nearby too. Actually most of my son's friends were not from PA, but even those who were rarely went home on weekends. He had roommates from Ghana and Korea one year, but I'm not really sure about the % of international students.</p>

<p>Thanks WyoGrad76! My daughter is very interested in working with children and is thinking of majoring in Social Work. I didn't know about the Masonic Children's Home - that could be an excellent place for her to volunteer! Do you know anything about the Social Work department? She's also interested in Sociology, Writing, Study Abroad. Any knowledge of any of these? I do appreciate your willingness to help!</p>

<p>GeoMama, I sent you a pm</p>

<p>hi,i'm a student from china who was admittedto e-town. Since I haven't been aboard I know nothing about something called "Baccalaureate Colleges".(I saw this on usnews)
As your son was graduate here, can you tell me the difference between"Baccalaureate Colleges" and LAC?

<p>Elizabethtown used to be classified as a "Comprehensive College" by USNWR, as opposed to a LAC. It offers degrees in things like engineering that traditional LAC's do not. E-town also has a masters program in occupational therapy, which is somewhat new I believe. I'm not sure about the term "baccalaureate college" since I thought that meant a college that confers a bachelor's degree.</p>

<p>I highly recommend Etown. S1 graduated in '05 and S2 seriously considered Etown but their engineering program at the time was a 3+2 program and he didn't want that.
I always enjoyed visiting the campus and the town. Smelling the chocolate from the M&Ms plant didn't hurt either. :)
Park City Mall in Lancaster is not far from the campus and like the previous poster stated, also near Hershey.
GeoMama - Etown is not a suitcase campus. The school has activities for the students to do on weekends, students follow and cheer heartily for the sports teams (at least I know they did for the lacrosse team).</p>

<p>Thanks, laxmom... that's what the Admissions people say (that it's not a suitcase campus), but it's nice to hear it verified by others. Here's another question - how many students have cars? Are there any stores within walking distance?</p>

<p>Cars are aplenty at Etown. There are stores on the outer part of town, McDonalds, Taco Bell, grocery store, and there was a K-Mart in the shopping center. It would be a long walk but doable. Most times you can hitch a ride with a roommate or classmate.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, laxmom and wyograd... looks like we'll be finding out more first hand! Daughter has decided on Etown - and I think she's going to love it there! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted - I can only imagine how she must feel!</p>

<p>hi all! i was wondering if you could let me know how things are going for your kids, current and alumni students? do you feel it was worth the sticker price? i have not heard of this school until recently, but it has captured my attention and i would not be surprised if it became more popular in the coming years...</p>