EA 2015 decisions

My son is waiting to hear on EA 1 from Knox and hoping to hear soon. Based on prior CC reports, it looks like the letters are sometimes mailed around Thanksgiving, with electronic notice a little later. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear – we were delighted to discover this real gem of a school.

I got an email from one of the Knox’s admission representatives last week to keep an eye on the mailbox. So I’m assuming they sent out decisions. No word yet though.

My daughter got her EA acceptance in today’s mail!

Disappointing, nothing in today’s mail. Was really hoping he would receive his first “thick” envelope before the holiday. Perhaps tomorrow.

No word from Knox either here, but good luck to your son @Midwestmomofboys . My daughter had a really great interview with the Knox admission officer, and loves the school, so I do hope she has receives a letter soon as well. I have twins who are receiving their acceptances from various colleges, and those yes acceptance letters are very slender, so do’t let size fool you!.

Thanks @netter11. Knox was a real discovery for us, my son really enjoyed his visits (2x), interview, meeting with professor in his area of interest etc! Good luck to your twins!

My DD received $25K in scholarships and a nice letter of acceptance today.

Congrats! @TytoAlba - we are still awaiting the letter. That’s fantastic!

Hooray, he’s in! With a $20+k a year award, he is very excited and so are we! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear!

Yeah my daughter’s in also with a $20+K a year award! We are very excited and the scholarship was completely unexpected. Very nice presentation and heartfelt congratulations from the Knox staff. I plan to have my daughter visit the campus on one of the admitted student days in April. Congrats to @Midwestmomofboys too!


Just got the email saying I’m in! 21k a year worth of scholarships!

I’m curious where else your kids may have applied besides Knox?

Mine has applied to Knox, Kalamazoo, Wooster, Earlham, Lawrence, Denison. We need good merit aid, as we are not eligible for financial aid. So, his list is primarily admission safeties to maximize merit.

My d applied to Mills college - admitted; Beloit, Goucher, Clark U, early action. Will apply to Mount Holyoke, Oberlin, Pitzer. Knox is definitely one of her favs.

My DD applied to Knox, Lawrence, Beloit for early action, and Grinnell, WashU, UIUC, St. Olaf, Kenyon RD, She’s also applying to Northwestern, Carleton and perhaps one more. We’ve visited and interviewed at all of them thus far. She has high test scores etc so we are looking for good merit aid and good fit in the end. I’ll be glad when this is over!

I am an international student and I know 3 people who have already been notified of the decisions but how come they haven’t notified me yet?are the accepted ones getting notified first?

We received a letter mailed and then this was followed up with an email telling us to check our application portal. Have you logged in to look online?

I know this is corny but I am always so happy when I read of admission to Knox! I remember waiting for our daughter’s notice and the day after Thanksgiving as we were driving to our annual extended family hike we actually stopped the mail truck on the road to ask for our mail instead of waiting until we got back. That was the start of one of the most wonderful, life changing, exceptional experiences any kid could possibly have. She’s a senior now and I can’t say enough about this amazing college.

Congratulations to those who have made it and good luck to those still waiting to hear! Let the journey begin!