EA 2024 at Lawrence University

DS loves Lawrence and applied EA. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting a decision. He got an invitation to join a conference call next week with current LU students talking about what they love about Lawrence. The school has it set up so applicants can ask questions. I’m really hoping this call is a sign that he’ll be admitted. Seems like it would be pretty awful to invite a student to a call to hear about the wonders of life as a Laurentean, only to reject the same student a few days later. Anyone know anything more about it? We’re both nervous and excited! Thanks!

I agree that it’s unlikely they would invite him if he wasn’t being admitted. For what it’s worth, my husband and I are both LU alums and I worked in the admissions office when I was a student - it’s a great school (wish I could convince my kid) but honestly not super selective, so I would not stress too much. Good luck!

I suspect you will hear soon. My daughter applied EA and heard on November 27.

Hope it all works out. I do think, however, that Lawrence is getting increasingly more selective, particularly with the increase in applications and the greater use of ED.

My daughter received her acceptance letter on Jan. 31!! So thrilled for her.
We are in Connecticut. She applied RD at the end of October. Good Luck everyone!