EA 2024 Merit Award Decisions Timeline

Hi all. I am a parent that is very hopeful Rhodes will work out for my daughter financially. Does anyone know if she will find out about merit scholarships at the same time as admittance results? That is , on our about Jan 15th? The Rhodes website says merit money will be communicated by Feb 15th but I really thought they told us during the admissions tour that both are communicated at the same time. Anyone know?

My daughter is also looking forward to the decision on January 15th. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard whether merit scholarships will be awarded the same day. Good luck to your daughter!

I applied for the STEM IMPACT scholarship. Wanted to try the Bonner one but I missed the deadline :frowning: . I don’t have the best grades , I have my fingers crossed. Rhodes’ website says financial aid awards come out on 12th jan. I applied for need based aid . I guess we will get decisions around then.

The STEM IMPACT scholarship sounds like it has some interesting opportunities for students. Good luck @Mimi31

Do you guys get any promotional emails from Rhodes ? I stopped getting them a long time ago. Should I be worried ?

@Mimi31 No, my d20 hasn’t gotten a lot from Rhodes either. I don’t think they send out a lot compared to some schools. I wouldn’t be worried about that.

Admissions decisions were just posted and my merit award was included with my acceptance. Financial aid was also included, which is nice to see all at once!

@knk029 Congratulations!!

@janiemiranda Thank you! Good luck to your daughter with merit!

Admissions decisions were released today and merit scholarship decisions were released with the application. Hope this helps!