EA 2025 Richmond

Don’t see a thread yet for EA 2025 so though I would initiate one. Hello everyone applying EA!


D21 applied EA and we can’t wait for this decision! Had planned to visit in March but of course that got cancelled. Good luck to all. I hope decisions will come sooner than the 1/25 date.


EA here too - the waiting is definitely hard but Richmond sent that awesome mailer the other day to help with the stress. Plus just got an email about the guided meditation. Love that they realize just how tough it is to pass the time until decisions are out.

Good luck to all!!


I’m not sure D21 got an email. Maybe a mailer but now I’m uncertain. Uh oh. :wink:

I’m also unclear about whether they need more Financial Aid docs. It’s said “Under Review” on our tax returns for a long time. Maybe we need to login to IDOCS.

I’m sure they sent the email and mailer to everyone. No way they’ve already made decisions yet so they wouldn’t have sent something out to only certain kids in a yes pile.

Can’t help with the FA questions. We are full pay. :neutral_face:


Thanks, @homerdog! And good luck to your applicant. :sunny:

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Richmond is definitely a reach for my son
But the wait is still excruciating.


Has anyone received a request for first term grades? Curious if that means anything. My son just did. Virtual school has left those grades not as good as they should be.

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Yes, my daughter did, although in her case they’re just an interim snapshot, since she won’t have official grades until the semester is over in January.

On the portal, there’s a place to upload first term grades. We noticed that when we first got the portal in mid-Oct. We are on semesters and won’t have final semester grades until mid-Jan so D uploaded a snapshot of her grades as of mid-Oct (which is just past the middle of the semester.) She emailed her AO to make sure that was ok and he said it was perfect. So, no request since she already took care of it. I did think it was optional, though, so maybe a good sign for those who were contacted.

Actually, I just checked D’s portal and grades are a mandatory part of the checklist and were due by 12/1!

My son got a reminder to submit first term
grades ASAP last week. Seems like a requirement for everyone.

When do decisions come out for ea?

In Jan. Last year it was 1/17. They say by 1/25 at the latest

My son applied EA to Richmond. I wish they hadn’t requested his 1stQ grades (the only college that did) It was his worst marking period ever - virtual learning at his high school is so-so. Good luck to everyone!

Our HS send them automatically.

Will this semester’s grade help my EA? Mine just came out with all “A” (5 AP, 1 Honor, 1 regular).

definitely won’t hurt

Has anyone heard EA? Or only ED?

No, I believe they are supposed to hear back by January 25th .