EA Admissions Class of 2022

Any other EAers on the board? My S18 got an email today saying his portal was updated - accepted with $25k merit.

Thanks for posting! My D was also accepted. However, it says because she applied for a music scholarship, they aren’t going to give any scholarship info until the music scholarships are out. That’s kind of too bad – I was hoping regular merit and music were announced separately.

Congrats to your son! My son texted me that he got in today as well. This is his first acceptance, so whew! I don’t know if he received any merit aid; I sure hope so!

Hi all - My D received word of acceptance today as well. Great news. We visited Puget Sound and my D liked the vibe there a lot.

Same boat as you Daffodil re: application for music scholarship, and I had the same hope as you. But all good. The EA decision actually came earlier than I thought it would (hasn’t Puget Sound in past years released EA decisions much closer to Jan 15?), so that’s the bright side I guess. :slight_smile:

Congrats to all your families and happy holidays!

Yes, @JMS111 we were expecting January 15! Awesome to hear sooner!

Congrats and good luck to all!

@Collgbrwsr , the merit info was in a separate document on the portal. It wasn’t mentioned in the letter.

My D was also accepted today. 22k merit award. Not as generous as her other schools considering overall COA so it’s probably off the list. :frowning: Too bad as I think it’s a really nice school! Good luck to everyone else still waiting!!

For the purposes of those waiting and future students, her stats: GPA: 4.2w/3.8uw, ACT: 32 (33 superscored but I can’t recall if UPS superscores, we did send all scores), IB diploma candidate, nothing too stand out in terms of ECs - pretty ordinary kid all around

Daughter was accepted today as well with $22000 merit award. (4.3 cumulative weighted/4.0 unweighted GPA and 27 ACT). :slight_smile:

We did get aid! Son got Faculty scholarship and UPS grant, totalling 25k. His GPA is only a 3.6, but he had good SAT scores (1380) and wrote a nice essay, I thought. I can only surmise the amount was because of our financial situation.

My S also got accepted. Not as much merit as his top 3 schools: only 21K and, weirdly (because we are full pay), $900 in subsidized federal student loans. Something about UPS bothers him (his parents love it, though). He said he would go there if he didn’t get in to places he liked better. So, I think it’s off his list.

Hi all! Just wanted to chime in that I was accepted EA today (1/12/18) with a 22k scholarship and honestly I was worried after reading in this thread that so many people got accepted in December and I thought since I hadn’t heard back yet that meant it was a no! Just posting in case there’s anyone else freaking out like I was; EA notification deadline is 1/15/18 so if you haven’t heard back yet, you still have a couple of days and the wait definitely doesn’t mean you’re getting bad news!

1518mom, my daughter’s merit aid seemed a little less compared to other schools as well. At this point, it appears to be her most expensive school despite a $22k yearly merit scholarship.

Congrats, @brfsd18

Did other people get puzzles in the mail? Cute idea.

Yes, S received the puzzle and liked it. It was the only acceptance (hardcopy) that came in a box :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Puget Sound is my top choice and I’ve been freaking out a little bit because it’s almost 9:00pm on the East Coast on January 15th (the last day for EA notifications) and my application status page is still not updated. I called the office of admissions and there was no answer. Any advice?

Hang in there, @dexterc. Try to call during business hours today. Hope they get it resolved for you soon.

I agree, dexterc. Try reaching out to them today if your portal is not updated. Good luck to you!

Has anyone else not receive any word yet? Nothing in mail nor in email or application portal. Hoping that the mail is just taking a while, but I’m a bit worried as the deadline for notifications is BY January 15- it’s the night of January 17. I’m going to wait until the end of the week to see if anything comes in the mail or shows up online, is anyone else in my situation?

So my D was accepted 3 months ago, still haven’t heard about merit, or the thing that was supposedly holding the merit up, the music scholarship she auditioned for two months ago. Actually getting admitted only took 1 month.

Did anyone receive a letter from the mayor of tacoma recently? I just received one congratulating me on my acceptance and recognizing my specific accomplishments and almost selling tacoma? Not sure if everyone received one or if it was personal to show their actual interest in having me attend?