EA Admitted Eagle Open House

<p>Hi all, we couldn’t make it to Boston this weekend. How was the Open house for the Early Action students? What did you guys think? My son is very excited to go there, it would be great to see what people thought of the program.</p>

<p>It was great, really informative - my daughter’s and our first time to the campus. Beautiful setting (even in the cold and snow), very friendly students, faculty, and administration. Loved CSOM (where my daughter was accepted). Would be thrilled if she decides to go to BC - have no doubts it would be a great fit for her. She loved it as well - she just wants to take her time to decide once regular admission decisions come in. Super impressed.</p>

<p>Dear offtoBC12 : My younger student, currently a junior at Boston College, was one of the hosts at the January admitted Eagle Open House. The report was that attendance this year was stronger than previous years, perhaps indicating that the potential acceptance rates from early accepted candidates might spike this year. Should we hear any specific statistics, we will share them; however, the potential for a higher than normal EA acceptance rate (perhaps spurred by the mild northeast winter affording more student visits to the campus) will spell the potential for a tighter than expected regular decision round.</p>

<p>The Honors Accepted Eagles Day and the EA Accepted Eagles Day tend to be slightly more “special” only due to the lower numbers of students/families involved than the regular decision round Accepted Eagles Days. The attention tends to be more personalized and there tends to be a heavier family interest in the academic story at Boston College which is uniformly strong.</p>

<p>Heading up to Boston for Honors Accepted Eagle Day…looking forward to seeing campus.</p>