EA agreement- by mail or by common app

<p>Do I have to send an EA agreement form by mail?
because I didn't see any PDF for EA agreement in Yale's website
Electronic</a> Submission of the Application | How to Apply | Application to Yale College | Freshmen | Office of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>Or does the following part from Yale's supplement in the common application is enough?</p>

<p>Restrictive Early Action. I wish to be considered under Yale's Restrictive Early Action program. I have read and understood the terms of the program on page 1 of the Application Instructions and agree to comply with them. (and you sign your name/ date at the end).</p>

<p>it has to be mailed. You can download the form under the "school forms"-"councellor" session on common app</p>

<p>Supplement on Commonapp is enough. You can see the instructions on the Yale Online Instructions on the commonapp. It clearly states that all you need to do to join the REA is to sign on the supplement on commonapp.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>