EA applicants--any cards from Georgetown?

<p>The admissions office said they'd send a card if anything was missing from the application so that we'd have time to send in any recs, scores, etc. Has anyone received anything like that?
It's frustrating that you can't check status online.</p>

<p>yeahh they emailed me saying they never got part II of my online application. i almost had a heart attack lol. they gave me time to resend it in and still consider it early though. i found out it was because they gave me two different ID numbers so apparently i sent it in under the wrong ID number. butt yeah they deff notify u if they dont have everything</p>

<p>yes it is so frustrating..they don't even tell you when you call.
i keep on getting paranoid about not getting or missing that email.</p>

<p>If you don't respond to the e-mail and nothing new is sent in to the office, you are contacted by phone to ensure that you are made aware that your application is incomplete.</p>

<p>I just called today and they have finished reviewing EA applications (aaaaah!) so if they haven't contacted you, you're fine.</p>

<p>wow they finished reviewing ALREADY?! i just finished my interview last week...</p>

<p>My interviewer said that the deadline for interviews in my area was December 1!! Are you sure they're done with applications? That doesn't make much sense... I just had my interview yesterday lol.</p>

<p>^Have no idea, sorry...just repeating what the woman working at the admissions office told me. Maybe she was making a generalization and some apps haven't been completely reviewed yet? </p>

<p>Don't shoot the messenger! :)</p>

<p>nobody threatens a messenger (name that movie)</p>


<p>...Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!</p>

<li>Greatest line ever.</li>