EA Applicants I Have A Favor To Ask

<p>If you could, would you mind (you don't have to) posting your grades, scores and what not and then your admissions outcome. I ask this for two reasons. First of all, everyone knows that I am very careful (perhaps too careful) in recommending EA and I want to see if I should be. Secondly, it will help me and the others judge people's chances in the future. You certainly don't have to do this if you are uncomfortable, and let's be honest, I am just being lazy by not looking through all of the old posts for this information. I would just look at the Notre Dame 2010 board but I want to hear about all of those who applied to EA and perhaps we have some like I was where even though they didn't meet the best fate they hung around the message board. Anyways, I am going long with this but if you wouldn't mind posting that information again I would really appreciate it and I believe it would help next year's applicants to Notre Dame as we can provide more accurate advice! Thanks!</p>


<p>-I am a white, male, Irish Catholic from Pennsylvania- Only boy out of six kids
-Intended Major: Political Science
-SAT I (760m, 690cr, 790w)
-SAT II's All solid but nothing too spectacular
-Weighted GPA- 4.1; Unweighted- 3.7
-No exact class rank, but done by deciles- Ranked in second decile but in reality I am in the top fifteen percent at my school
-I have taken six of the fourteen Advanced Placement courses my school offers and I have also taken many others honors classes</p>


<p>-Hook: Neither of my parents went to college
-Essay: I was happy with it and I wrote it specifically for this university
-Recommendations: From what I have been told they were very good
-ECs: Three year varsity baseball player; FBLA(business club- Vice President) three years and have won several awards from this activity; Class Representative and on student congress committee; Active on an AAU national champion baseball team(not recruited by the Irish), Coach a recreational Basketball team, Church Youth Group, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society
-I have done a sizable amount of community service and have good work experience for my Father's masonry company</p>

<p>BTW- I think this is a good idea Irish, and good luck to everyone already considering early action for next year.</p>

<p>Please ignore my mispelling of the word decision.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted as Notre Dame Scholar
College of Science: intended Major- biochemistry
(Also invited to apply to Honors Program)</p>

<p>My stats are:
GPA: 3.91 UW @ competitive private
Unranked (but ~2 of ~90, last I checked)
SAT: 2320 (800V, 760M, 760W)
ACT: 34 (36 E, 35 M, 32 R, 33 S)
SATIIs: 800 IIC, 750 Bio-M, 710- US hist
APs: 5 US hist, 5 calc AB, 5 Euro hist</p>

<p>Other factors:
White, Female, Roman Catholic, from Minnesota
Essay: Nothing too original, I talked about China. But I got pretty good reviews: An editor from the Star Tribune said he liked it. I also met w/ the regional adcom for MN when I visited for the College of Science Open House and he said he liked it as well.
ECs: Service (teaching Chinese at elementary school), Drama, Stage Crew, Quiz Bowl, Math League, Editor for School Newspaper- several leadership positions.
Counselor rec- didn't read, probably good
Teacher rec- absolutely AMAZING
Awards: National Merit Semifinalist, AP Scholar, Cum Laude Society, National Chinese Honor Society, Drama Letter, Service Award, school awards for math and English, Headmaster's List</p>

<p>I hope that helps.</p>

<p>Accepted EA</p>

<p>Female from Indiana, science major, premed
GPA: 3.93 UW (no rank), highly competitive public HS
10 AP Courses by Graduation (toughest courseload), so far 4 5s and a 4
SAT: 2290 (800 CR, 720 M, 770 W)
SAT II: 700 Chem, 760 Bio M, 780 Lit
National Merit Semifinalist, some math awards, AP Scholar w/ distinction, chemistry bowl winner, "A" Honor Roll, NHS</p>

Swimming year-round, 20 hours a week, state meet qualifier, created team fundraiser to help hurricane victims (9-12)
NHS: Treasurer, head of fundraising committee (11,12)
Tutoring inner city youth, and peer tutoring (11-12)
Help coach younger kids on swim team twice a week (12)
Freshman Mentor (10-12)
Church Activities, Sunday school teacher (9-12)
International Ministry (9,11,12), English conversation partner to students from UAE, Japan, and Vietnam
Immunology Research at Boston University for six weeks</p>

<p>Thank you guys for your replies so far. Please keep them coming, they will help!</p>

<p>National Merit Finalist
SAT 2180 800M 670CR 710W
ACT 32
SAT II 780 Bio 790 M2C
5 APs
Class Rank 3/125</p>

<p>Eagle Scout
Varisity Swimming<em>, Cross Country</em> & Track
*state qualifyer</p>

<p>Student Council Officer
Altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister
Columbian Squires
Year round swimming 9-12 hours a week</p>

<p>Accepted EA
SAT(At time of application): 2250 710CR 800M 740W
ACT: 35
SAT II: 800 IIC 800 Physics
GPA(At time of application): 3.3 UW 4.1 W
APs: US Hist 4 Chem 5
Rank: Unknown around top 20% though</p>

<p>ECs: If you really want to see look at my other threads. But some of the important stuff is....
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity/JV Track & Field
Math Bowl
USAMO Qualifier
Work Experience
Community Service</p>

<p>Note: Our school still uses the 100-93 = A =4.0 GPA system. Each Honors/AP/DE course adds .025 per semester to our grades. We also don't use +s or -s so a 92 goes down as a 3.0.</p>

<p>Also my brother attends so that may have been a factor.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted, Notre Dame Scholar, Invited to apply to Honors program
Tentative Major: Biochem</p>

<p>SAT: 800 CR, 760 M, 780 W--no SAT IIs
ACT: (did not submit) 34 Comp.
Rank: 1:224 (we have since lost 12 kids :()
GPA: 11.96/12.0 (two "A's" only)
AP: Calc in progress</p>

<p>noncompetitive rural public HS, non-legacy, NMSF, recs were "best I've seen in my career", decent essay (not much effort, though)</p>


Veterinary Internship (technically part of curriculum)
~125 volunteer hours @ vet clinic
National Honor Society (sevice chair, 11)
Student Council (vice president, 11)
Class of '06 Council (treasurer, 9 & 11)
Academic teams (captain, state qualifier)
Varsity Swimmer (9)</p>

<p>Posting for S, Accepted EA ND Scholar </p>

<p>Engineering applicant
SAT 800 Math, 700 V, 690 CR
ACT: did not take
AP Chem 5, no SAT II's
Rank: doesn't rank, but would say top 3%/110
GPA: 95</p>

Varsity Volleyball
Captain Chess Team ( league champions)
Volunteer EC's related to chess
Instructor 6- week Summer Chess Program
Instructor at Elementary Chess Club - oct- march</p>

<p>Various school clubs-
Math ( secretary),
NHS, Spanish Honor Society,</p>

<p>Named Bloustein Scholar in NJ </p>

<p>white/ non-catholic, but attends a Catholic school and enjoys it very much.</p>

<p>Did visit ND last summer , FYI</p>

<p>After looking at these stats, I am not so sure of my chances...
ACT: 31 (hopefully raise it in April)
Course difficulty: 4 APs by graduation along with 10 honor classes
Rank: around top 14% at very competitive high school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6uw/4.0w</p>

Volleyball 9-12 (varsity 11-12)
Summer volleyball camps (11-12)
Summer football camp (9 summer)
Weightlifting camp (9 summer)
Volleyball intramural/open gyms 10-12,
football (9-10)
Community service (around 20 hrs only)
youth group (9-12)
basketball league (outside of school 9-12)
baseball league (outside of school 9-12)
active golf member (outside of school 10-12)
Mock Trial competition v. rival school (11, elected lead role by peers)
Part-time job 9-12
Summer internship w/NIU's athletic department (40 hour weeks, all unpaid)</p>

<p>I am hopefully going into business/sports management...
Thank you all in advance for your comments and opinions
(also, do you think i should apply EA if i get my ACT score up?)</p>

<p>Some will depend on how much you get your ACT up but I probably would not apply EA because of your class rank. That is just my opinion, however. The best thing you can do though is to start a thread of your own instead of just replying to this thread so that way people can let you know what they think. I don't think all that many people other than me are checking this thread.</p>

Thanks for starting this thread! It really is beneficial for us <em>crosses fingers</em> future Domers.</p>

<p>Man, I wish I would have applied EA. I probably wont end up at Notre Dame just because Vandy offered me full tuition and I have an identical twin which makes college very expensive. Still, nothing like getting a very early acceptance letter.</p>

<p>No problem Mary, I am glad it is helping more people than just me!</p>

<p>OSU, congrats on Vandy. I know what you are saying but if you would have gotten in EA then you should get in RD as well. I know Vandy will be hard to pass up but you may as well see what ND has to offer merit-wise and what not. It is a great place to be (not to say Vandy isn't, but really, there is nowhere like Notre Dame)</p>

<p>Just to clarify, ND doesn't offer merit aid, but you can still get money from outside sources (ie. national merit). Also, I have heard the need-based aid is very generous.</p>

<p>Both points are correct and something I should have added, thanks!</p>