EA at Kalamazoo?

<p>Has anyone heard anything? Unlike the other colleges my kid has applied to, she doesn't get pelted with email from K. It's almost like she hasn't applied.</p>

<p>Letters are being mailed tomorrow according to website!</p>

<p>The letters are out. My S got in, he loves Kalamazoo but sadly, the aid was not enough. We are waiting for other but Kalamazoo is definitely his top choice.</p>

<p>Sorry to hear about the amount of aid. We are hoping for an acceptance and aid. Did your son find out via email or snail mail?</p>

<p>Actually we are from another country so maybe the international students would get an email first. But they said that they prefer the traditional postal mail so probably the packages are on the way.</p>

<p>Nothing in the mail today!</p>

<p>My son applied EA to Kzoo also. Nothing in the mail today but I imagine with the increased holiday mail, it will take a little time. Hopefully Monday!</p>

<p>D just got the big envelope! Presidential scholarship! Very nice personalized acceptance letter.</p>

<p>My son got the big envelope today too! Lux esto scholarship! He was very impressed with the personal acceptance letter. As he was reading he stopped and said “Wait, this is personalized!” Very cool :)</p>

<p>Got my acceptance letter today! Presidential scholarship</p>

<p>Rhapsody- if you see this- only the merit scholarships were included in the package. That doesn’t include need based aid that might be awarded after completing that paperwork. </p>

<p>Congrats collegebound!</p>

<p>*Founders scholarship, my bad</p>

<p>Thank you 2016BarnardMom! Congrats to your son!</p>