EA Binghamton ~ what do you think of this situation?

<p>My daughter applied EA and all info was in as per status checker. All of a sudden this week they say we are missing an item which was added to the status checker. Its a recorded audition for the theater dept. (we have to send it by 3/1/09) Do you think they decided to accept her and this is just an audition to get into her major or do you think she was border line and this is just an added thing to make their decision for her to get into the school easier. If they were going to reject her they wouldn't ask for the recorded DVD would they? I'm confused!</p>

<p>I hope she gets in!! But Bing is REALLY overwhelmed in the admissions office and they don't seem to be as automated as some other colleges; my daughter was asked by email for stuff they obviously had.</p>

<p>Was the "talent review" box checked when you submitted the supplemental application? If it was, I would GUESS they may be undecided and want to see more. Or it could simply be an error on their part. You probably will get something by mail if it is not an error and based on the date given to submit additional information I would say she was not admitted under EA but still has excellent chance at RD. My daughter also applied EA to the theatre major, but nothing has changed on her status. We did not check the "talent review" box but figured if she is deferred we will decide if she wants to try that and then contact the admissions office.</p>

<p>Yes, TeaRose we did check it off so what you say does make sense. I guess the March deadline (they did send a letter on what they wanted in the audition DVD) is proof that she did not make EA and is still has a chance at rolling. Thanks.</p>

<p>Look at the admissions website; they say they'll ask certain applicants for DVDs etc, but not to send until they ask for it.</p>