EA Chances Please!

<p>NY, female, white
UW GPA: 93
school does not weight GPAs or rank.
ACT: 33 composite (31 E/S 33 R 35 M 9 W)
Good essay and good LORs (chem and precalc teachers, guidance counselor knows me really well)
not submitting my SATs
APs: World (3), APUSH (5)
senior year schedule: AP Bio, AP Calc BC, AP Micro, AP Stats, 1 reading/1 writing elective (1 semester each), Senior Portfolio (B&W Photography)</p>

2 years varsity volleyball
3 years club volleyball
3 weeks for 2 years working as CIT at overnight camp
alternative spring break for 3 years
youth group
worked freshman orientation for 2 years</p>

<p>Thanks:) sorry if i forgot anything!</p>

<p>Very strong applicant with your ACT score. Looks like you play volleyball. It may be to your advantage to talk to the coach after you apply introducing yourself, they may be in need of a person in your position and their word can only help your chances.</p>

<p>Okay thank you so much for your help!!!!:)</p>