EA Chances (with Scholarship?)

Ethnicity- Indian (First Gen)
Type of School- Public, average performing school in Chicago suburbs
Possible Major- Neuroscience with Pre-Med</p>

ACT: 30C
AP: 10th-Euro (5) 11th- US (5) 12- Chem,Bio,Calc,MacroEcon
Rank- 30/680
GPA- W-5.3 (hoping for 5.4ish at graduation) UW-4.96 (5 point scale)</p>


Physical Science 5/5 (S1/S2)
Algebra 1 5/5
World History 5/5
French 1 5/5
English 1 5/5
Keyboarding 4 (lol)
Study Hall
Health 1/Gym 5/5</p>

AP European History 5/5
Geometry Honors 4/5
Computer Concepts/Speech 5/5
Biology 5/5
English 2 5/5
French 2 5/5
Drivers Ed/Gym</p>

ICA (Math) 5/5
English 3 5/5
Chemistry Honors 5/5
Physics Honors 5/5
AP US History 5/5
Computer Programming 1+2 5/5</p>

<p>Took Pre Calc during the summer</p>

<p>12th: (1st sem grades)
Teacher Aide
Anatomy/AP Macroeconomics 5/
AP Biology 5/
Humanities Honors 5/
AP Chemistry 5/
AP Calculus A/B 5/
Senior Composition 5/</p>


<p>Common App talks about my turn around in High School and what motivated me to do that (I didn't try at all in Middle School and there was no way in heck that i would imagine ending in the top 5 percent of my class back then)</p>

<p>Graded by a few teachers and they said it was great</p>


<p>My AP United States History Teacher/Current Aide Teacher,Calculus Teacher and the standard Counselor Rec</p>


<p>North Technology Club (Vice President)
Model United Nations
National Honor Society
National Society of High School Scholars
Volunteer at Local Park District (50hrs.. still particpating)
Volunteering at Temple (around 200 hours, had to stop this year due to schoolwork)
Basic 40 NHS Hours + 30 or so extra helping with Charity Events, Concerts
Relay for Life
Illinois State Scholar</p>

<p>I say you have a good chance! I have similar stats, a 30 ACT & a 3.9uw, 5.2weighted. Let's hope for the best!</p>

<p>Kish93, I'd say you're definitely in with a nice scholarship too. Hopefully you'll find out for real in a couple of hours.</p>

<p>Kish, what happened with your decision?</p>

<p>Accepted with the 8k/year scholarship :D</p>

<p>Congrats! Is UM in the running for you, or do you have better offers?</p>

<p>Yep, its definitely running with me right now.. I've gotten better offers from lower ranked schools, but the biggest trump card for me right now is USC or Northwestern(only way i'm staying in the midwest for 4 more years)</p>