EA Chances?

<p>Hey. I couldn't resisting posting my stats and asking what my chances for EA would be... thank you. </p>

<p>SAT: 1500: 800 Verbal, 700 Math (argh). Taken once.</p>

<p>PSAT: 79 V, 75 M, 76 W, 230 total, NM Semifinalist. (Do you think my 75 M would somewhat improve on my 700 SAT Math in the eyes of the adcoms?)</p>

<p>SAT IIs: 800 Writing, 750 French, 750 Literature (all taken once). </p>

<p>APs: Chemistry: 5 English Lit: 4. (!!! That is SO weird, as I am so much better verbally, and I was exceedingly unprepared for the AP Chem.) </p>

<p>Grades: All honors/APs, toughest curriculum. I'll only have 5 APs by the time of graduation, but that is pretty much what my school offers. I go to a pretty good private, Quaker school where 100% of the graduates go on to four-year colleges, and for whatever reason, not many APs are offered. I have all As (including senior year quarter grades) except a B+ in honors Algebra II in 9th grade, an A- in honors geometry in 10th grade, and an A- in AP Calc AB in senior year. My school does not rank, but I am in the Cum Laude Society (which is for the top 10%), and if it did rank, I'm nearly positive that I'd be in the top 5%, maybe #1. </p>

<p>Activities: Student Gov (Class VP- 9-12, Student Council- 9-12, Student Council Co-President - 12, Honor Council- 10-12), Model UN (9-12), Theatre (9-12, some medium-sized parts in school plays), Violin (since I was little), Chorus + Madrigal Choir (9-12, Bass Sectional Leader- 10-12, plus some choral work outside of school), Research Assistant for an sociologist (11, it was a competitive process), Peace/Quaker political activism (10,11).</p>

<p>Seems like your stats are where they should be. You need something to make yourself stick out. Without something that differentiates you, you will probably not get in (this goes for everyone though, even people with 1600's, etc).</p>

<p>I guess what will probably make me stick out will be my essays.</p>

<p>Hey...my SAT I score is the same as yours! One take, as well. LOL. I think you have as much a chance as any of us, and the fact that you're Quaker and are involved in your faith with the peace activites and all is pretty cool, and differentiates you, I think(in a good way, of course).</p>

<p>I hope so... unless the adcoms are like "die, you hippie." lol. Yeah, Quakers are pretty rare, and I would add a bit of diversity to things. A college admissions officer that my dad is friends with and a college guidance counselor that I know both said that my essay is the type of essay that would be unusually good, so I HOPE that they are actually telling the truth.</p>