EA Class of 2020

DD submitted & now we wait. Anyone else?

My daughter applied ED…pins and needles time. Good luck to you!

Is the EA deadline already passed? Or do I still have 56 minutes?

I applied ED…does anyone know if we hear back on the 15th exactly, or if it could be earlier/later??

You should receive specific instructions via email several days before specified date. Ahhhh… December 15th. I did the Tropic Thunder Les Grossman dance when my kid eventually pressed the financial aid award button.

Early Action here as well.

I applied EA. Does anyone know when EA decisions will be released?

@backnumber1122 - Early February is what I have heard.

@karlmarx2020 Thanks! :slight_smile:

February 1st… fml they’re gonna make me send my first semester grades :confused:

I applied EA! I’ve been reading earlier forms about EA dates, and it seems as if they come out after Feb 1 even if they say it’s Feb 1… We’ll see!

applied ea too!

Should be less than 2 weeks from tomorrow…

I’m hoping that it will be closer to Feb 1! Waiting is hard . . .

did anyone here apply for financial aid?

^ Yes

FYI - I heard decisions should be released by the end of next week. My friend received an email reply from her admissions representative. And yes, I did see the email to confirm. Good luck to all.

From their website:

Q. When will I hear my decision?
A. Decisions will be mailed for Early Decision I and II approximately one month after the deadlines. For Early Action and Regular Decision, decisions will be mailed almost two months after the application deadlines. Need-based financial aid and merit scholarship recipients will also be notified at the time they receive their acceptance letters. We have recently added the ability to view decisions online and we will send you an e-mail that lists your username and password and the Web site address. The online decisions will be made available on the same date we mail the decision letters.

That sounds like next week as well considering EA deadlines were December 1st.

Do EA decisions come out on Feb 1 at what time?