EA Class of 2022 - Wooster

Starting this thread while we wait for the EA decisions due 31 December!

Will Wooster really send out EA notices on the last day of the year which happens to be a Sunday?
I hope the Admissions staff will not have to miss out on weekend rest and Year End celebrations and will send them out on Friday, 12/29 instead! :wink:

Just got an email stating my portal was updated and I got in! $108,000 Dean’s Scholarship :slight_smile: I sent in my application at the beginning of October (if anyone is wondering).

Nice @paintingflowers ! Congrats on the acceptance and generous scholarship! Thanks for updating the forum!
What state are you from?

Connecticut :slight_smile: but I have visited multiple times!

Just got the email and checked my portal. I got in with the top Dean’s scholarship of $120,000!! I’m from Ohio. My application was submitted in the last week of October (I think the 25th).

Just got in with an International Scholarship of $120,000!! My application was submitted in the last week of October as well. Does anyone know if Wooster gives out full tuition scholarships or if you can appeal the aid award?

I remember reading that the highest scholarship offer they will give per year is $34,000, so $136,000 total. As far as I know, there is definitely no full tuition scholarship.

Congrats @Naan23 and @IntApp2022! You guys applied EA? Mind sharing your stats?

Got in on Dec 1st with an international scholarship of $184,000 + $16,000 work study, so total is $200,000 :slight_smile:

I did read on the website they have a few full tuition scholarships. As for my stats, my SAT score was 1530, I’m doing the IB Diploma Program, my major extracurriculars involve two community service projects (teaching underprivileged children and organizing fundraisers for cancer patients), trekking, and my school newsletter team where I was a writer for 4 years and lead editor for 2. That’s all I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats @HolyTyrant ! Would you mind sharing your stats too?

Any more EA notifications? Does Wooster typically send news in peacemeal fashion or everything at once?

My daughter applied last year and the EA notifications came out over a period of a few weeks. Last year, the maximum merit scholarship was 50% of the total cost to attend the school, which was 60K for 2017-18 (so maximum merit was 30K).

Good luck to you all! My daughter went elsewhere but we all really liked the school.

We haven’t heard anything yet, hoping before the end of the month!

I could swear I commented …is there a second thread on this topic?? Oh well - either way - good luck to those of you still waiting and congrats to those admitted. I’m a Woo parent (student in class of 2019). Feel free to ask or pm questions.

My S was also admitted on 11/22 with the Dean’s Scholarship. We will be going to the April 15-16 admitted student program.

My S was also admitted on 11/22 with the Dean’s Scholarship. We will be going to the April 15-16 admitted student program.

I got in on 12/2 with the international scholarship ( 25000 per year ), and I applied on 10/25. Congrats to everyone who got in. :slight_smile:

My D has anxiously been awaiting news… She applied November 1, and she found out today that she got in and was awarded the Dean’s scholarship! She’s thrilled and actually cried a bit; she loves COW! Although it’s been her top choice for a year, it still might not end up being where she lands. She’ll to go to accepted weekends.

Good luck with the decision-making process, everyone.

@myloves Congratulations! How did she hear? Sounds like she had a favorite for awhile! Are there many other schools that are in the running, or just one or two? It’s always interesting to hear from different families. Some kids could be happy at several schools and others really feel the fit better at just one. My S would be very happy I think at Wooster and is anxious to hear, but also think he could be fine at a few others. Luckily he only applied to five…feels like a lot as my D was a one and done type of kid. Congrats again!

Congrats @myloves! Is your D a domestic or international applicant? Do you mind posting her stats?