EA Class of 2022...

Any others out there anxiously waiting to hear about EA1? Lawrence in my daughter’s top choice, we are crossing our fingers and toes. December 15th is coming quickly!

Yes, very anxious to hear! My daughter has been accepted to Beloit, with a significant scholarship. We’re hoping the same for Lawrence, then we can fly to Wisconsin and check them both out. Haven’t even visited yet!

We are waiting too! Lawrence is one of many of D’s first choices. :slight_smile:

But personally, I think it is ideal for her.

We are told that EA decisions will come out at 18:47 CST this Friday.

Wow. That is a very specific time. Wonder if there is a significance…

Year of founding

Ah! Makes sense. So clever.

This feels like torture! I have knots in my stomach.

Haha! Me too! At least my daughter has a busy day to keep her mind off of it, but my day is boring. It’s going to drag on and on and on! I need to know ASAP so I can start planning our trip to Wisconsin - will Appleton be on our agenda or not? I hope so!

Do you find out about merit aid with acceptance or later?

My daughter received merit awards at the same time as admission from Beloit College and University of Denver, so I’m guessing it will be the same. I hope so anyway. It’s nice to know what to expect (or what not to expect) and helps with planning. We now know she can cross DU off her list (way too expensive), but Beloit has moved way up.

Has anyone gotten their decisions yet?

Not yet. @daffodilpetunia said the admissions office told her they would post at 18:47pm. I really wish it was earlier.

Has anyone received their decision yet?


The admission results are in! I got in with a 28k scholarship. Good luck to all of you

My daughter got in! All it says about scholarship is that she got one, and they’ll let her know in a couple of weeks how much. I don’t know what that means. Could mean $1,000 or could mean $20,000?

D1 one accepted with scholarship but no info on scholarship for a few weeks. Just that acceptance incudes a scholarship (merit only did not apply for aid). Stats 1560 SAT, 4.6 gpa.

Where did you see the scholarship? My daughter received an email with no scholarship info.

We are in the same boat. Accepted (with scholarship), but no indication of what the scholarship will be.