EA Class of 2023 Sacred Heart

I haven’t heard anything from sacred heart. I live right next to Fairfield. anybody know when we will hear and how if it will be online or portal?

I heard early action will be January 31 and they put them in the mail, no portal updates. Anxiously waiting!

Looks like the EA letters went out yesterday before 5 pm. Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:

The admissions video was great! D19 is super excited and anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

Do you mean in the mail?

If you are in New England, first class mail takes two days which means they should start to arrive in mail boxes on Friday, 2/1. Good luck all!

Got the packet today – just west of Boston. Nursing w Honors!

Congrats Rokkogirl!! Would you mind sharing your stats?

@rokkogirl Congrats! Does your son have a preference between Sacred Heart and St. Anselm?

Son prefers St. A’s – campus felt like a better fit to him. Stats are 3.6, 1330, 30, 4 AP’s.

Congrats!! Has anyone else received a response from SH admissions?

My D’s acceptance package finally came in yesterday. Accepted to Nursing with $20k/year merit scholarship. GPA~3.7, SAT~1200-1300.

Congrats @MAPAone !! Is SHU your d’s first choice?

Thanks, @rokkogirl. Over the last year, she’s gone back and forth between Quinnipiac, UMass-Lowell, and SHU. She loved the visit to SHU in November and was this close to changing from EA to ED. In the intervening time, UMass-Lowell (early Dec) and Quinnipiac (mid-Dec) got back to her, have been interacting, and she’s already attended an Admitted EA Students’ Day at UML. It’s been so interesting to watch how those 2 months of silence from SHU opened the door for the other schools.

Congratulations to your daughter MAPAone!! It sounds like she’s in a great spot with all great choices. We haven’t seen UMass-Lowell up close and personal but we’ve hearts great things. Is the Lowell campus a similar feel to SHU?

@manward Thanks. I think she liked the SHU and UML campuses even though they have some significant differences. They’re similar in that they’re not contiguous, with some buildings/dorms being separated by ~1 mi and lots of shuttles running between the different locations. Overall, the main SHU campus was mostly in 1 location (though the new West campus may change that), had a really nice feel and the new Jr/Sr dorms on the upper quad and fitness center are going to be amazing. She also liked JP’s and the relatively easy access to the beach. The downsides are that parking is a huge headache and major student complaint, and the (awesome & new) nursing building is 1 mile down the road. It might be worth it though… she thought the new health sciences/nursing bldg was more like a cathedral!

For UMass-Lowell, their campus is actually split into 3 parts: with the North (STEM/business majors) & East (dorms & recreation) campuses essentially connected by a bridge over the river, but the South campus (liberal arts, nursing, health sciences college, criminal justice) a mile down the road. With that said, the South campus is beautiful, has pretty views of the river, a liberal arts feel with quads and nice buildings. On the South campus, they recently renovated a dedicated student center and cafeteria, the library (plus added a Starbucks), built the new Health Sciences Bldg (includes school of nursing), and created new suite-style dorms/apartments with dedicated fitness center, study rooms, and separate living learning communities for each year of nursing (with nursing faculty doing study sessions at the dorms, mentoring and year-specific activities), and a parking garage+lot that students can use right next to the dorm. She thought the newer dorm on the UML South campus was as nice as Toussaint Hall (one of the newest and nicest options at SHU). She also liked the easy access to a diverse city and associated activities in Lowell and the commuter rail access to Boston (for both fun and clinicals). But Fairfield has similar access to NYC (definitely fun, but for some odd reason SHU nursing students are not allowed to have clinicals in NY). So I guess they both really have their positives - should be a fun decision!

Wow! @MAPAone Thank you very much for your most detailed response. Both schools sound wonderful and desireable in their own way. It might be a tough choice but you’re right, it should be a “fun” one.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck! I appreciate the time you took out of your decision making to help someone else;).


when does RD find out decisions

Going to visit SHU soon. Anything nearby to the campus that students can walk to or take shuttle to? Shopping? Movies, Restaurants etc…? You mentioned beach, how far away and how do kids get there? Thanks