EA Class of 2023 - Wooster

Son just hit the submit button for his application tonight! Anyone else apply EA??

Yes, my daughter applied EA. The waiting begins …

Yep! S submitted a little over a week ago but GC LOR & scholarship submission finally went in today.
Was your student on the priority portal? I heard last year some kids who were on the portal found out in a matter of weeks.

@ChaosParent23 He got the letter from Wooster to submit through the priority portal but since they were on the common app our IEC said it didn’t matter. I guess we’ll see… He is still trying to write his scholarship essay and is finding it extremely hard to write! It may not get done because he has so much on his plate right now with IB diploma classes and extended essay. He has attempted to write the essay but it just isn’t flowing correctly.

@Kona2012 Mine did the rest of his applications on Common App, but chose the portal for Wooster b/c it was vastly pared down.

His essay was weird, very weird! But he was adhering to the “cleverness counts” note at the end and it made his dad & little brother wheeze-laugh, so he took a chance. We’ll see.

@ChaosParent23 Did he choose the diversity/heritage or tartan one? My son really wanted to choose the Tartan one but having only three days to develop the essay he felt he couldn’t give it the cleverness properly. So he went with a standard diversity/heritage and he’s still revising. Guess we’ll be submitting tonight!

That’s funny b/c my S wanted to do the diversity one but felt it was way too close to his CommApp essay. So ended up doing the Tartan one. He said he wrote it in about an hour… which worries me even more.

Yes my daughter is finishing off her application this week. We visited the school for the first time this past weekend. She loved it!

DS sending in app this week. Everyone we have interacted with at Wooster has been so friendly. I have a soft spot for COW.

Anyone hear anything yet?

Just heard tonight for my son. He was accepted!

Congrats!!! That’s wonderful news!
Mind if I ask when he submitted?

Early October

Thank you too!

Great job getting it in so early. My S submitted a few weeks after yours then his GC really dragged his feet. Nothing yet, but hopefully soon.

My daughter heard today! She got in and was offered the Dean’s Scholarship!

Wooster is releasing EA decisions? Or are these the ED ones?

@Kona2012 I’m inferring (ok, assuming) at least some if not all ED came out awhile ago. Wooster tweeted pics of new 2023 ED kids on campus a week or two ago.

@ChaosParent23 Wow that wasn’t on my radar this early. I wonder what the difference in wait time will be between the priority portal and common app. My son chose to submit through common app. He had the application in by 10/31. Guess we won’t hear anything the rest of this week.

Congrats to all that have heard!!

@Kona2012 My D submitted EA through the Common App around 11l1. She hasn’t heard yet.