EA class of 2024

My son just applied EA and I am just seeing if anybody else is in the same boat and wants to join this thread to talk about WPI

My son applied EA as well. WPI forum is so quiet.

Also in for EA, now waiting…

We are from Connecticut. My son’s SAT was only 1350- 700 for math. Is it true that EA has a higher acceptance rate?

My daughter applied EA as well.

I saw an interesting article by the head of admissions that said WPI does not consider test scores for admission or merit aid. They look at GPA. I can find the link on Twitter if anyone is interested.

My daughter applied EA also.

What majors are your kids interested in? My son likes computer science/ interactive media.

When the average matriculating student has a secondary school GPA of 3.9, the entire class is very industrious. Secondary school GPA is a better predictor of college GPA than are SAT scores. This is widely known in University admissions offices, but a great deal of hype surrounds modest test score differences in general college application discussions… IF you have randomly selected 100 students with 650 for math SAT scores they will not perform as well as 100 randomly selected students with 780 scores, but you will still see a significant number of crossovers from the 650 group. It is easy to talk about and compare numbers, but more difficult to select the best applicant. The entire application/interview process counts.

WPI is really looking for the creative and industrious students who are fired up to work with others in teams participating in a wide range of undergraduate project work. Computers can read SAT scores, but enthusiasm for the unique WPI approach and team participation is more difficult to measure. Results require creative participation with the give and take of ideas and criticism. Test scores do not measure this.

A talented musician also counts!

A friend of mine and parent of a recent graduate describe WPI as a boutique STEM university. We do not have a large, impersonal setting. Team selection is important. Participants are not randomly selected by machines. Yes, there are subjective aspects and they cannot always be quantified. I sometimes believe that admissions offices try to hide behind numbers.

I was a student there while this system was being developed and have kept somewhat in touch for years as it has evolved. I used to play with the numbers.

WPI '67

What’s the excitement all about? What do you think you want to study?

Thanks for all of the info. WPI is very unique with its project work and 7 week terms.

My daughter applied. Electrical engineering. She likes the idea of the 7 week terms and the size of the school. Hoping for good news!

Seven week terms have been a blessing for some students and a difficult adjustment for others. Bright students who are used to letting a course slack off and then play catch up later in a fourteen week semester learn to keep on top of daily coursework during the seven week term. Although WPI uses different terminology, the workload for one seven week term is equivalent to three full semester hours under the old system. It also has the advantage of focusing on fewer courses at one time. The seven week terms enabled the scheduling flexibility to slip in project work both on and off-campus world-wide.

Just read in National Geographic today that EE has one of the lowest enrollment rates for women in the country. “Computer Network Architects” which I translate to WPI’s Computer Engineering major is the more popular EE concentration for women Women still favor health related majors and gravitate toward Biology and Biomedical Engineering where they accounts for over 60% of the students.

At WPI In the fall of 2019, 38.9 % of the BS degree students are women. In the EE department, 24% were women. By STEM university standards, women are well represented at WPI but there is still room to grow.

Planning and advising are a big part of the program. Students are encouraged to explore with dialogue and guidance. There are a lot of directions out there and interdisciplinary thinking is encouraged as the fields have developed.

Where else is everyone applying?

If the focus is on GPA I have a question that I need clarification on. When a student takes harder classes that are honors or AP classes do they consider weighted verses unweighted GPAs? Because a 4.0 in non accelerated classes is not the same as a 4.0 student in all AP classes. It’s more like a 3.0 in AP or Honors = 4.0 in a non accelerated class.

Most applicants to highly competitive Universities have honors and accelerated courses. These courses are noted on the transcript, but are not unusual. Because secondary schools use so many different weighting systems, their weighted GPA’s are often more confusing than helpful when comparing applicants.

Yes, they do look at actual transcripts and do know which classes you are taking! They just want to do a fairer comparison than using GPA system which are not compatible. Yes, the job is not easy. This is why the entire application counts. teacher recommendations and college interviews can make a difference.

The average, unweighted GPA is running about 3.9 so about half of the matriculating students have unweighted GPA below that.

We are getting close to decision day, finally December!

Yes about 2 weeks to go to EA decisions - our D is waiting anxiously as WPI is one of her top choices along with Purdue, Vanderbilt, VT, GT and Case Western.
She has very good stats but not the very top
ACT is 32 Superscore with a 34 in Science and 31 in Math.

GPA is 3.75 UW and 3.95 W. 4 APs including Physics B and C as well as Statistics.

She has many ECs including NHS, President of Marching Band, officer in FIRST robotics team, Summer camp counselor, competitive dance team, charity work and Math tutoring for 4th grade.
So confident but not overly so for WPI - we will see.

Waiting patiently. Top choice for my D.

I am a prospective female student currently awaiting my decision. This is my first choice, and I’m getting very nervous.

As for stats:
SAT: 1450 (670 English, 780 Math)

GPA: 92.7/100 UW (my school does percentage). 5 AP classes (including Calc AB and Physics A and Mechanics), with nearly all other academic, non-elective classes being Honors/Dual Enrollment.

ECs (probably my weakest area):
FIRST Robotics Team Member (10-12)
Archery (9-12)
Literary Magazine (9-11)
FIRST LEGO League Mentor (12)
FIRST Volunteer (11-12)
Health Sciences Club (11-12)
WPI Frontiers Summer Program
Student Council (12)

I’m fairly confident, but I hope my meh extracurriculars and lack of leadership don’t kill my chances.