EA class of 2024

Anyone here applied to Wheaton, EA?

I did!

D is an EA applicant and the portal says decisions will be released on Dec. 20! Good luck!

Accepted 12/19!!

Also accepted today.

Just found out I got accepted with a Trustees Scholarship and Alumni Grant ($37,000 a year total)! Congrats on everyone who got accepted!

@nickgaj – Congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats? D will be applying next year and Wheaton is on our list. Also can anyone share if they interviewed and how important that seemed? Thanks!

@Peachpie9 Thank you! I had a 3.6 UW GPA (from a prestigious school) and took AP and Honors Classes. I decided not to send my test scores because they were not as strong as I wanted them to be. I did an online interview and it was a good interview, but nothing special. I think Wheaton definitely values interest and I recommend visiting campus and having an interview if your daughter is interested. I hope this helps and good luck to your daughter next year!

@nickgaj Thanks for that info! Good luck to you and enjoy college!