EA class of 2025

Decision just came for my daughter. She is in with a Balfour Scholarship of 37K per year!

Hope you all get good news as well.


Yay! Congrats, @jhugge. S21 just got the same. We are so excited. This is a top choice for him. Now if we could just find a way to visit.

Hope others got great news as well.

What a nice surprise coming so early.


Same here!
We need to visit
This seems like such a nice fit in so many ways but we need to get on campus!!! Spring can’t come soon enough :relaxed:


Add us to the mix. $37k and need to visit.


@rlc010203 @eb23282 @jhugge @nichols51 , Have any of your children committed to Wheaton? My son just received his RD acceptance this week, also with a Balfour scholarship. How long does it take for the need-based aid package to be received?


No Wheaton commitment here. In fact, we never even got around to visiting before he committed elsewhere. I think I was more interested in Wheaton than he was, although he did like the virtual info session and thought the president was great.

Congratulations on the commitment, though! I am sure he is very happy. We are still waiting on other decisions, too. May I ask where he committed?

Our son committed to a different school.

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S21 hasn’t committed anywhere yet. Visiting Wheaton this weekend, though. My son’s financial aid award letter took probably 3+ weeks but that was EA. I’d guess it’s quicker for RD. (For my son’s RD acceptances, the financial aid award letter was available in the portal at the same time as notification of his acceptance).

I would love to hear your impressions of the school after your visit! My son went to basketball camp at Wheaton two different summers, so we’ve been to the campus, but we haven’t been able to actually take the tour or hear the presentations because of the pandemic. We live in Spain, so he will be making a choice based on what he reads/sees online.