EA Decision Results - Class of 2018

<p>If you care to share your decision, please post in this thread.</p>

<p>Deferred: SAT I: 800 CR, 690 Math, SAT II: 710 LIT, 670 USH, 600 WH, 3.9 unweighted GPA</p>

<p>I am now wondering what steps I should take to increase my RD chances. I know they will be getting my first semester grades, but I assume it is too late to retake SAT II’s??
I am also considering getting another letter of rec, and then sending it with a list of senior year accomplishments. Is there anything else I could/should be doing (such as calling the admissions office)?</p>

<p>Instead of calling the admissions office I’d recommend trying to build a relationship with the specific application reader for your area. For most colleges, emails show interest in the school and also gives you the chance to reveal more of your personality. If you do anything significant between Nov 1st and February you should also send in an update about your application.</p>

<p>Also, quick question—are you located in the DC area or somewhere else on the East Coast? Trying to gauge when letters will arrive on the west coast. Thanks</p>

<p>in d.c./md area</p>

<p>In response to your suggestion, who is an email best directed at (assuming it describes why i want to go to georgetown and my forthcoming grades, etc)</p>

<p>Also, is there any way to find the name of your regional admissions counselor? I couldn’t find it on the website, unfortunately!</p>

<p>How did you already get your result?</p>

<p>Accepted (SFS):
ACT: 34
SAT II: 740 Lit, 730 Math 2, 700 Bio
GPA: 4.2
I live near Georgetown hence the quick mail delivery.</p>

<p>Aren’t we supposed to find out on Sunday?</p>


<p>International students should get the e-mail Monday morning D.C. timing.</p>

<p>In the US, the snail mails were sent out a couple days ago. You should receive it today (some got it yesterday). If not today then you’ll get it on Monday. Good luck.</p>

<p>What size were the envelopes for the deferral and the acceptance. Big or small. Thick or thin?</p>

<p>I am an international student and also a fellow IB diploma victim. Monday morning? We have the official English B Written Assignment on Monday. Guess I will have to check later. If I get deferred, that would certainly ruin my day.</p>

<p>Acceptances in the past have been two sheets of paper in a small envelope, rejections and deferrals were one sheet (I believe) of paper in a small envelope. Don’t be bummed to see a small envelope.</p>

<p>Accepted (College)
GPA 4.08 W
SAT 2300 (750 CR, 750 M, 800 W)
SAT II 800 (Lit), 770 (US History), 690 (Math 2)</p>

<p>Accepted (MSB)</p>

<p>SAT: 700 CR 670 Math 650 Writing
SAT II: 660 Lit 640 Math II 590 World History (ouch)
GPA: 4.14 weighted 3.9 unweighted</p>

<p>I’m so excited!!!</p>

<p>Accepted (College)</p>

<p>SAT:790 CR 680 Math 730 Writing
SAT II: 730 Lit 740 USH
GPA: 3.9 UW 4.65 W</p>

<p>Accepted (SFS)</p>

<p>ACT: 34
SAT (highest of two sittings): 700 CR, 760 M, 710 W
SAT II: 790 USH, 740 M2, 530 French (oops?)
GPA: 4.48 W</p>

<p>For those of you wondering, it was a normal envelope. Three pieces of paper and a return envelope enclosed. The blue financials paper was visible through the envelope.</p>

<p>Deferred (MSB)
ACT: 32
SAT: 730 CR, 690 M, 710, W. Took the November SAT and raised CR to 770 but Georgetown didn’t get in in time
SAT II: 750 World History, 750 Math 1, 680 Literature, 680 Math II
GPA: 3.98 UW</p>

<p>@malaise how far away from DC do you live?</p>

<p>@phillygirl31 - Central NJ, so about three hours.</p>

<p>I am confused. Does Georgetown send out an email to let you know? Or do they only send letters? Also is it ok if I haven’t heard yet (I thought it was supposed to be tomorrow)?</p>