EA Decisions?

<p>Does any one know when Sacred Heart sends out Early Action decisions?</p>


<p>My guidance counselor had spoke with one of the admission officers and said we should be hearing back by next week. The admission office was just sending out early decision acceptance letters in the mail before the Christmas break because the ED dead line is December 1st and EA is December 15th.</p>

<p>Kross23, Thanks for the info!</p>

<p>soooo how about those admission decisions…?</p>

<p>My Daughter received an email tonight with subject “Undergraduate Enroll” from <a href=“mailto:enroll@sacredheart.edu”>enroll@sacredheart.edu</a>
The email was blank. It sounds like she was accepted, but clearly something went wrong with the email. They sent an email last week saying that decisions were going to mailed this past week. I guess something should arrive in the next few days.</p>

<p>Got same email last week. Daughter accepted today for Nursing via mail.</p>

<p>My son was accepted early February to Athletic Training. He did not get the envelope until Feb 8th, due to USPS!! they said undeliverable due to no one by his name living at the address… huh?? Just put it in our box :slight_smile: The envelope was postmarked jan 25th. Anyway, he is very happy and will be visiting on March 15th. </p>

<p>Anyone get their financial aid info yet?</p>

<p>no financial aid info. yet for us. We are visiting this saturday so will be asking about it.</p>

<p>S called financial aid office- they said packages would be mailed out next week</p>