EA decisions?

Hey guys- did anyone else apply EA and still hasn’t heard? I applied a long time ago.

I’m in the same situation. I called, and they said the decision letter would be mailed “the first week of January”. It is the end of the first week of January, however, so maybe you should try calling?

Showing interest could only be considered positive I would think if you want to call.

Applied in early November still havent heard anything myself

My son applied EA and received his acceptance along with a very generous merit award in today’s mail.

Did he apply EA 1?

@Colchis , Did he apply with the 12/1 application date? And did they e-mail him as well, or just snail mail?

I applied EA (12/1) and received an envelope in the mail Tuesday. The letters were dated 1/15, so I would assume it just took a while to get to me.

Nothing yet and I’m guessing the blizzard will stop mail delivery today. Ugh!

My daughter applied EA 2 and got an acceptance by mail yesterday with $30,000 in merit aid. She also got an invitation for a fly-in March 6-7 which she may go to.