EA decisions

<p>I'm waiting for the result. Anyone knows when they released EA decisions last year? Any chances that they will come out a week or so before Jan 1?</p>

<p>batdoi, I have no idea, but what do you know about this school? Thanks.</p>

<p>not too much. I'm an international student from Vietnam and obviously I can't visit campus, so my college research is based entirely on information/rumors on the Internet, mostly from CC. But I'll try to tell you things I do know or hear about the school:</p>

<p>Wittenberg has a small (71 acres) but pretty nice and green campus, with fine academics. From what I've heard, Witt students are very friendly and have a reputation for being a little conservative compared to other LACs (but of course there are still a large proportion of liberal people). Off-campus study is encouraged, close connection to the town, and all students are required to complete non-credit community service before graduating. </p>

<p>The dorms and residence buildings are mostly nice, while some others are rundown. Athletic facilities are top-notch and athletics is big at Witt (which is kind of important to me, I mean the atmosphere, because I want to go to a college with lots of school spirit). </p>

<p>Although Springfield (the town) is not very impressive, life on campus is lively and if anyone cares about rankings, Wittenberg is ranked 7th in the "More to do on campus" ranking by PR. Social life pretty much revolves around Greek life, but the Greek system at Witt seems inclusive and independent-friendly. You don't need to join a frat/ sorority to participate in most of their parties/ activities.</p>

<p>Regarding admissions, Witt application is easy (no supplemental essays) and the school has a pretty high acceptance rate (68.5%). Most popular majors: Biology, business, education. By the way, Susan Welker, the International Admission Coordinator is very nice and responsive.</p>

<p>northeastmom, is your son/daughter consideing Witt?</p>

<p>batdoi, We did visit Witt's campus. We all liked it. Despite the report on CC about seeing rundown buildings we did not see them. That doesn't mean that they do not exist. We just did not see them. The campus is very nice, and they definitely have quite few nice modern buildings. There is a lot greenery. </p>

<p>My son is considering Witt, but we do not know any students there and nobody really posts here about this school. My son is a junior though. If you think of any other info that you can share please post here and/or send a PM. Thanks. Good luck to you batdoi!</p>

<p>Good to hear about your positive impression on your campus visit. Sure, I will post here if there's something more I know about Witt. If your son is applying to Witt next year, make sure he considers EA options (EA I or EA II). Applying early will give him priority consideration for scholarships and housing options (and early notification of course). Althought Witt admission is SAT-optional, from what the admission officer told me, SAT scores are the main factor in determining merit scholarships, if your son is applying for them. </p>

<p>When I communicated with Susan Welker (the Intl' admission coordinator), she gave me the chance to talk to a current Witt student via email. She seemed enthusiastic about Witt and told me she's very happy with the social life. She also commented that because the area around the campus is not that great, most students need a car or have friends with cars when they want to get off campus on weekends or holidays.</p>

<p>That's all I can think of right now. Thanks, and I wish your son best luck next year too!</p>

<p>batdoi, thanks. I assume that they use ACTs for merit scholarships too; is that correct? I did not even realize that they have EA I and II so thanks for that info. As far as priority housing, do you need to accept a place earlier than the spring (April or May) to take advantage of that? Also, I don't know how important priority housing is there. We only saw one dorm and it was a new dorm. I think they said some of the older rooms were larger. The new dorm had very small rooms. It might have had A/C though, but I am not sure. I don't think that A/C is all that important anyway.</p>

<p>Well I have no idea about ACT, you can check the website or email them. sorry I'm too lazy to check it myself.</p>

<p>I just realized that maybe I got the priority housing thing mixed up, probably it was another school, not Witt. You can email and ask them. But I'm sure EA applicants have a better chance for scholarships. </p>

<p>As I said, I can't visit campus so I'm not that knowledgeable about dorm details lol. Take a look at the post by "Gia" in this thread:
<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/wittenberg-university/491826-dorms-dorms-dorms.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/wittenberg-university/491826-dorms-dorms-dorms.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>One more thing to add: (again from the rumors I've heard) many students are into alcohol, but there's no real pressure if you don't want to drink. The food is not good though, plus there are very few restaurants within walking distance. Now this is an issue for me (haha), can you confirm this? did you try the food when you visited?</p>

<p>As far as on campus food, no, unfortunately we were not there at an hour where we could try it. We wanted to, but we got to Witt at an off beat hour. We did try a local deli that is in walking distance from campus. It's called Mike and Rosy's Deli. It was pretty good, but that would be once in a while kind of thing for our son because it can get expensive. You can check out their menu. They have a website.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>We visited Wittenberg last summer, since we were visiting Kenyon and Denison. We were really impressed with the campus, had a great tour guide, met with one of the varsity coaches, the admissions office spent some time talking to us as a family and we left feeling that this school was closer to what we were looking for than the others.</p>

<p>Im not sure that the school has the same "status" as the others, but from our expereience it is rated pretty high on our list of options for next year.</p>

<p>chicagoal, we had a similar experience. My son had an interview and then the admission counselor met with our family. My son quite individualized attention and we were also very impressed with that as well as the campus. I do think that this school is less competitive than the other 2 schools you visited, and the average stats for admission are lower.</p>

<p>probably a stupid question: does Witt release decisions via snail mail? If so, how longer does it usually take for the mails to reach international students than American students? I ask this because if I know that I'm accepted to Witt by (about) January 5, I will cross some schools out of my list and save some money.</p>

<p>any Witt students around please answer.</p>

<p>Hi. I received a letter in the mail about the 20th of Dec. EA accepted!!
Really excited. 1 down, a few more to go...</p>

<p>Any students out there...how has your exerience been at Witt? Esecially for any student-athletes...thanks.</p>

<p>Chicagoal, Congratulations on your acceptance! The campus is really beautiful!</p>

<p>Congrats, chicagoal! That's a great news.</p>

<p>I still haven't received anything. Do they usually release all decisions at the same time?</p>

<p>i recieved a letter from Wittenberg on Dec 17 and i recieved a second copy of the letter on the 2nd. Have you heard back from them yet? i am pretty sure they have released them, but it will probably take a little longer depending on your location</p>

<p>Yesterday I received an email from the admission office asking for my SAT scores and secondary school transcript. Well, I asked them before I submitted my application whether or not I had to submit my senior mid-year grades (because they wouldn't be available until early January, and the EA I deadline is December 1), and they said it's okay to just submit academic record of freshman, sophomore and junior years - which I did send them. As for SAT scores, I'm 100% sure I sent them to Wittenberg (I then even checked the score recipient list on Collegeboard's website twice). It's really odd. </p>

<p>I just replied them to ask about this, but were any of you EA I applicants asked to submit mid-year transcript?</p>

<p>Hi!! Are the decisions mailed or do they also send us an email or something?</p>