EA Deferred- Next Steps

<p>I applied to Elon with a 3.06 UW 3.51 Weighted
-650 reading 630 math
-Captain Boys Varsity Soccer Team 4years
-Boy Scout for 6 years- 1 rank below Eagle Scout
-Volunteering at homeless shelter for 4 years</p>

<p>I just found out I got deffered...the message reads:</p>

<p>Deffered for new information</p>

<p>What does this mean?
What should my next steps be?</p>


<p>call your admissions counselor...</p>

<p>Deferred for new information as well here - </p>

<p>she is gonna have to decide what to do. This is the only school she applied to that doesn't have nursing which is something she decided in the fall. She may just drop it - but she already took the SAT's again in Dec and can send first quarter grades in and teacher recommendations.
Don't know how many EA deferred get in regular.</p>

<p>My son is also deferred...SAT M 630 V 610 GPA ~3.7 Eagle Scout/cross country other activities.</p>

<p>If you look on the Elon web site, specifically e-net/ontrack , and look at the status. It will tell you that they want more information. I think our kids are rolled over into general admission. The extra information they want is the first semester grades. So...we have to wait until March. </p>

<p>I'm kind of surprised since my son's SAT scores are in the upper range of the 50% percentile.</p>

<p>Now we have to scramble and find some safety schools my son wants to apply to...ugggghhhh.</p>

<p>I'm kind of surprised, my daughter is a sophmore at Elon, and she got in under the junior scholars program with a similar SAT. I thought my son would be a snap....</p>

<p>honestly - admissions can be kind of funky that way.....</p>

<p>Yeah - my d texted me back and quoted "deferred for new information" - I suspect what you concluded as well - first quarter grades etc are needed.
I think it was a smooth move on her part to go ahead and retake SAT's in Dec (we will find out tomorrow!) as they can use those scores as well - her CR was 580 but Math was 660.</p>

<p>She also applied to all her "safety schools" already and has heard back from 3 of them.
So the waiting game begins......</p>

<p>With the growing popularity of Elon and the increase in applications, I suspect you will see a significant increase in the "middle 50%" statistics for the next few years. Two years ago my D had never heard of Elon, and a year ago it was barely on her list of schools. After visiting it has replaced a so called "elite" school as her #1 school. I think that is happening with many many kids outside the NC area.</p>

<p>I just checked and my son's gpa is 4.06, with SAT M 630 V 610 </p>

<p>Elon must be getting quite a bit harder to get into...</p>

<p>I was deffered also and according to Naviance I'm way ahead of the other people that got in from my school previously. Here are my Stats:
CR: 720 M: 640 W: 690 Total: 1360/2050
My GPA was 3.19 but that was due to health issues I had in high school which I wrote an essay explaining.
I'm pretty shocked right now.
They said they want my First Semester Grades in the My Documents section of Elon OnTrack.</p>

<p>I was deferred as well :-(
My stats are:
SAT- V: 680 M: 530 W: 590
GPA - 3.4
Varsity Tennis all 4 years </p>

<p>I told my guidance counselor this morning and he contacted Elon and they said they wanted to see my 1st semester grades as well...<em>sigh</em> I really wasn't expecting this because people at my school with the same stats and even lower ones have gotten in previous years and everyone told me I should be getting in, but I guess Elon is becoming more prestigious which isn't a bad thing but sucks for us deferrees :-(</p>

<p>3.1 gpa (unweighted)
660 math, 600 critical reading, 660 writing
varsity lacrosse captain
varsity indoor track - state champions
head designer of yearbook
president of coffee house performing arts club
i participate in 2 theatre shows a year, weekly voice lessons
member of 4 choirs.</p>

<p>i cried :(</p>

<p>also, does anyone know how many people who get deferred actually get in??
My college counselor told me today that there were over 5,000 applicants for Elon Early Action.. </p>

<p>last year there were only 9,204 applicants in total for ED, EA, and RD. </p>

<p>she said there was a huge increase in number of applicants.</p>

<p>4.254 GPA
7th % of class
worked 4 years
academic clubs
Nat. Hn. Soc.
Capt of 2 sports teams
Numerous extra-curricular activies
640V 560M</p>

<p>be grateful you didn't get the message "application denied" that's all I got!</p>

<p>4.25 GPA/1200 ACT/Good ECs and you were denied outright?</p>

<p>I can't believe that!</p>


<p>I have some questions for you:</p>

<p>Did you take the ACT? If so, what was your score?</p>

<p>If Elon was your first choice, was there a reason you did not apply early decision?</p>

<p>Obviously there were students admitted with lower stats than you, so there must be another reason. By any chance did you see ALL of your college recs you sent in? There could have been something questionable there. Unfortunately, most kids do not have the opportunity to read their recs.</p>

<p>Did you ask Elon about your essay? Did they comment to you about it?</p>

<p>wow... wow. i must admit, im shocked that some of you were deferred. i had no idea elon was getting to be this competitive. i got in ea with a 4.06 weighted, 1400/2160 SAT. i guess i should have been a bit more worried than i was.</p>

<p>My daughter was deferred. While Elon has been her first choice for two years - her career goals have changed somewhat and Elon may not fit in with what she eventually wants.......</p>

<p>I don't know what she is going to do - if anything. My concern is that even if she is accepted in regular admission she won't get enough scholarship/grant money anyway - that's another discussion.</p>

<p>I called admissions because under documents received it said they received her SAT's in June when she took them again in October - they did indeed have her current scores but here is what the very nice lady in admissions said:</p>

<p>They need to see the transcripts from the end of the semester. Even if - in her case - that is the end of January. They ask this of all deferred applicants to keep the file open. If they don't get your end of semester grades they will close your file.</p>

<p>I asked about sending letters of recommendations etc....she told me that it won't because that involves too many pieces of paper and they won't have time to muddle through it all.</p>

<p>The very best thing you can do - is to keep in touch with your admission counselor. Call or email that person. Let him/her know that you are still very interested in Elon. My daughter was invited to a "Hospitality night" as Elon is in our area in January and I was told she should go and introduce herself to her admissions counselor.</p>

<p>In short - let Elon know that YOUR interest remains high.</p>

<p>Agree completely JustAMom...it can't hurt to tell them that you remain very interested in Elon. And hopefully they see something in first semester grades that puts them over the top. It seems like EA was extremely comptetitive this year but it doesn't mean they don't have a strong chance during RD. Just means they have to wait longer. We are doing that with 2 schools as well.</p>

<p>No ACT, yes flat out denied. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I am a NC teaching fellow candidate and they only have 25 openings? Because of the teaching fellow I could not do EA. I have to be accepted into my choices first. The whole thing makes no sence to me.</p>

<p>i am hearing back from elon shortly (i applied ea).. but i recently got an email from the admissions notifying me the date they would release their decision. However, in their email they sounded optimistic in that they put an ! at the end of their sentence. i know their emails are automatic emails sent out to everyone.... but why would they put an ! in their emails to those who get rejected/deferred? isn't that kind of messed up? does it actually mean something? thanks so much. so nervous</p>