EA/ED Decisions

Hello! I applied ea to Clark this year, and I can’t wait to find out if I’m in or not! Does anyone know when decisions are being released this year?

Mid December, probably next week. I can’t wait to find out either!

Last year from what I’ve seen they started emailing results on December 12th but I’m not sure how different it will be this year. Im wicked excited!

Good luck to everyone! I’m planning on applying RD but regret not going with EA.

Looks like Clark’s decisions in recent years have been released on the Friday before December 15. Lots of schools have announced their specific notification date and time via Twitter this year. Hoping Clark let’s us know when we can expect decisions. Good Luck to all.

Oh well - hoping I’ll hear back today

Did anyone here get an email saying Clark thinks you would be a good fit? I know some people have.

I got one.

Does anyone have any idea when we’re hearing decisions?

Well, today is mid-December. But nothing released so far. Nothing about the decision date posted on Clark’s website or Twitter. Has anyone talked or emailed with the Admissions office?

I haven’t, I’m really hoping it’s today though

I’ve emailed them today! They said they would be up this weekend. Either Friday or Saturday.

thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

@ananre so we have to wait another 2-3 days ? I simply cannot wait.

did you guys provide them SAT scores, if yes, how were they? just wanna see how i compare with others.
also what is the probable selectivity of clark? I applied for a Business major.

When did they send the ‘good fit’ email?

I provided sat scores. 690 math, 580 reading. Economics major is the plan

@Jurry123 I sent ACT scores and subject tests. ACT was a 35 composite, and I got an 800 on math 2 and 780 on biology-m. I plan on majoring in biology.

@MassAnonymous I got the initial review email on Wednesday

Clark Admissions confirmed via email this morning that decisions will be released on Friday, December 18. They did not specify a time.

I just got a phone call that said I’ve been accepted to the class of 2020! I’m so happy!

D got a phone call as well that she was accepted :). More information to follow by email on Friday, I believe she said. Good luck to everyone!