EA/ED Tally

<p>Hey all, I know we did this last year. If anyone is comfortable sharing, tell us where your child applied EA or ED.<br>
(No, I don't have one applying yet but I am happy to cheer for others!)</p>

<p>UPenn - ED</p>


<p>JMU - EA. Daughter</p>

<p>My daughter applied ED to Dartmouth</p>

<p>ED- George Washington
EA-University of Georgia, Miami, and Tulane</p>

<p>EA - Chicago</p>

<p>My S applied EA @ U Chicago as well.</p>

<p>My daughter applied EA to Chicago.</p>

<p>My daughter is appying ED to Swarthmore.</p>

<p>Son applied
EA--University of Georgia

<p>Son applied</p>

<p>EA Case Western</p>

My son also applied EA to Case. Do you live near there?</p>

<p>Hi, Weenie -
yes - and we used to live just up the hill from it. His dad works there, and he and I are both alums. Let me know if you have questions!</p>

<p>ED to Boston University</p>

<p>ED William and Mary</p>

<p>EA University of Miami</p>

<p>My son -- EA MIT and UNC.</p>

<p>ED- Brown university</p>

<p>Also ED to Brown</p>