EA/ED WPI Class of 2025

Has anybody heard back about EA/ED acceptance for 2025? DS applied EA for computer science. Waiting…

It’s still way too early for any admissions decisions. Early Admission traditionally notified by mid-December, but according to WPI website, they pushed it back to January 15 this year. Early Decision I notifies by December 15; Early Decision II notified by February 15.

My son was accepted EA last year and they did notify a few days early so you might not have to wait until Jan 15, although I am not sure when people are back in the office after winter break.

Good luck to your son!


Is WPI known to do waves of decisions or all at one day? I know some schools will release in waves for their EA Decisions.

Anyone knows when results will be out?

They typically release all in one day. Their twitter account @WPIAdmissions usually tweets a heads up right before they release decisions. Good Luck!

Their website says Early Decision (which is new this year. My two children were EA1) releases Dec 15th and EA1 is January 15th. For both my kids they found out a few days before the published deadline. If you follow their twitter account @WPIAdmissions they give a heads up when to expect it. Good luck!

Decisions on Monday 14th December at 5pm EST

WPI admissions twitter account tweeted both Early Decision 1 and Early Action 1 decisions come out on Monday December 14 5 pm. (remove spaces from link)

https:// twitter. com /WPIAdmissions/status/1337404272183369728

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@BrittaSeattle Looks like WPI decided to mix it up and stick with December for notifications for both EA and ED - decisions out on Monday. Fingers crossed for your son!

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My guess is they just made EA Jan 15 as a safety net in case they had a high surge in apps due to COVID. I guess they got through all of them in time.

@jabbate19 Good point, especially since they eliminated the application fee this year, which would have inevitably increased applications.

I’m so relieved/excited/nervous to happen upon this thread. This is my son’s first choice (tied with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). How would students know when they are notified if they aren’t on Twitter? He thought the Jan 15 was a hard date that they notify all Early apps.

Any international student applied for CS?

Last year my daughter was both texted and emailed to check her portal for her decision. I am sure they will do the same this year. Good luck to your son!

Do they send merit $ with decisions? WPI is my son’s first choice, but he needs to get in and get enough $$. Will know soon…feels like the longest hour waiting!

In previous years they have. My daughter got her merit with her acceptance. Good luck to your son!


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Decisions are out. My daughter is in with Presidential Scholarship.


My daughter accept with Presidential scholarship


S Accepted with Presidential Scholarship :slightly_smiling_face:.