EA/ED WPI Class of 2025


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A few thoughts.

  1. Virginia Tech (and Purdue, etc) typically do not offer a lot of merit. They benefit from a large pool of applicants, and also, a lower cost to begin with. As an example, we were offered 32K from WPI, and 3K from VT, and this puts them at the same price.

  2. Virginia Tech is probably a superior “overall” school. The campus is huge, far better than what WPI (or other small STEM schools offer). Better food, dining halls, dorms, more clubs, Greek life options (if you are into that). It gets an A+ from Niche, due to the overall strong in everything approach. WPI is more of a STEM strong school, with a smaller, tight-knit campus and student body, and some people may prefer that scene over the huge state school campus feel. VT has far more options when it comes to majors if you change your mind. WPI has 30+ majors, Virginia Tech has 150+.

We’re going to pass on VT because their major is not ideally aligned with what D2 wants to do, but I personally like the school very much, if the major were a better fit she might indeed be going there.

We’ve whittled our list down to WPI, RPI, Purdue (Polytechnic), Utah (resident tuition rate after year 1), Michigan State (very large merit offer), still chipping away and making some visits next few weeks.

@LoisLane100 , I feel like we’ve crossed paths before, perhaps 3 years ahp. My eldest son is a junior at WPI, an aerospace engineering major.

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Sounds like you still have a lot of deciding to do!

Basically, my son’s decision has been made for him. Although he was accepted to WPI with a Presidential scholarship, he wants his ‘own school’, he does not want to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, and he is not very fond of cities. Plus, he is not convinced that the WPI biotechnology BS major fits his biology breadth and research goals.

The only other school (out of 10!) that accepted him was Wheaton, although we are still waiting on that finaid package.

However, knowing my son and how he thrives when challenged, I can’t help feeling that Wheaton is not the best fit. THAT, however, I am keeping to myself.

That’s an excellent list, and we appreciate the insight. We might be making a campus visit to VT sometime soon as well, it looks great.

@WPIMom Make sense that your son wants his own school. For what it’s worth, Wheaton is an excellent school. He will be plenty challenged. My son goes there, was a very high student in HS and is having a great experience there and working hard. :slight_smile:
What will your son major or focus in?

@BGTENN , thank you for answering. Because my comments and questions have nothing to do with this thread, I will post them on your Wheaton College Rocks thread.

@WPIMom I think we did too. My son is getting his BS ECE in May, he was originally the class of 2022 but did the 4 year BS/MS program and it is cheaper for him to finish his BS ECE and finish his Master’s as a full time grad student next year. My daughter is finishing her freshman year very interested in neuroscience.

my son is headed to WPI !!! anyone else ? Probably environmental engineering and business. What is the process and timeline for housing anyone know ?

Congratulations! Here is a link with a lot of information of all the steps along the way. It will be updated for class of 2025 soon. Post covid I’m not sure how they will modify housing processes but they will update here frequently. Timeline to Campus – The First-Year Experience

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My son is a current freshman at WPI. If you are considering the school for next year, I’d seriously look at what the Covid situation is like before committing. This past year the school did a good job with the safety protocols, but they totally dropped the ball when it comes to student mental health. So many students were socially isolated and the school did a poor job of orientating freshman and getting them acclimated into the school community. Almost all of my son’s classes have been pre-recorded videos with no live contact with professors. One class was a live Zoom, and just one has been in person.

If the current Covid restrictions aren’t lifted, I would consider waiting a year and starting later.