EA Hopeful--Foreign Languages

<p>I have a messy history of foreign languages in my high school career.
I took a semester of Chinese and took a semester of Latin I both online. I found that I couldn't really learn that much and truly delve myself into the languages in an online setting. I then took French I (which I didn't really like). I will have three years of Spanish done by the end of senior yr. Is the fact that I have only done three yrs of 1 foreign language and that I got out two foreign languages in a semester? Will it be detrimental to my application.</p>

<p>Who knows, man? I think that the best you can tell from your record is that you were unafraid of experimentation and diversity of what you were learning. The worst would be that you have trouble committing to them. However, if you have an otherwise respectable and solid transcript, you should be fine. Three years of Spanish will only show that you took time to find what you liked before committing.</p>

<p>Besides, why worry about it when you can't change it anyways?</p>