EA Interview

Hello! I’m planning to apply to Case EA, but the interview spots area all full prior to Nov 1 (I know I should have registered earlier – my mistake). On the interview page, it says that interviews should be scheduled “before or near” the deadline. Does that mean that I could schedule it on Nov 10 for example, and have it still count for my app? (I don’t think so, but asking just in case)

I have shown interest in other ways, but I’m just not sure how important the interview is. If I can’t have it before the EA deadline, is it worth it to apply for RD instead?


November 10 can be interpreted as “near” the application deadline of November 1; however, you need to hear the official word on this. I suggest that you call Case Western and ask for their directive. Before you call, gather your thoughts, perhaps even write up a memo of talking points to help to convey your thoughts succinctly and completely. According to Case Western’s common data set (CDS), (available on the school’s web site), an interview is ranked as importantly as: application essay; recommendation(s); talent (ability); character (personal qualities); racial/ethnic status and volunteer work.

No one but the Admissions Office can say for certain, so contact them: that’s why they’re there! :smile:

Also part of the interview is for you to ask them questions…I would schedule it ASAP.

Hi, I also applied early action and my interview is on November 9th. I was wondering if you heard back from the admissions office if this would be fine.

If that is the earliest you can do it, I would think that would be fine. They are not going to make decision on Nov 2…in any case it gives you a chance to ask questions.

I didn’t even know EA interviews were a thing because there was no question on the Common App. Am I at an extreme disadvantage for not having an interview after submitting my EA application?

You are not at an extreme disadvantage.
They cannot interview everyone…over 25,000 students will apply.
Case is interested in “Demonstrated Interest”…here are ways to show that interest.


If you are interested in Engineering or Arts and sciences there is an info session tonight

@ktrobot123 How was your interview? What kind of questions did they ask?

@silverofthesea How was your interview? What kind of questions did they ask?