EA letter

<p>In the Common Application instructions, it says to notify with a letter to the school if you are applying EA. So what did you all who already sent in your apps do? E-mail a seperate letter? Thanks.</p>



<p>Could you quote the relevant portion of the Common App? I've never heard of this letter before. I think all you need to do is check the box that says Early Action.</p>

<p>This is from the instructions page of the Common App:</p>


<li>You must submit a letter with this application, or complete the college's required ED/EA form, notifying that college of your intent.</li>
<li>Understand that it is your responsibility to report any changes in your schedule to the colleges to which you are applying. "</li>

<p>But yeah, i think you are right.</p>

<p>Oh, I think the Harvard Supplement acts as the EA form.</p>

<p>Nice reading of the fine print though! I'm impressed.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm trying to get every advantage i can!</p>