EA notification

Does anybody know when EA applicants will hear their decisions? Thanks :slight_smile:

I am wondering this too…really hope we don’t have to wait until 2/1.

Same. Especially because for students who aren’t accepted, other schools want scholarship applications and stuff around that time.

I did some digging and based on past threads it really does look like 1/30 or 2/1 which is a huge drag! Makes it hard to plan a visit for OOS students.

My D was notified on 12/20 but I gather they roll them out as they make decisions and not all at once.

My S was notified tonight :slight_smile:

@eandesmom will your son be attending Goucher? Mine decided to attend. So asking. Thanks.

@skondragunta I have no idea where he will be attending. We will be touring in late Feb. The merit offer was a bit shy of what we’d hoped for and there are others on his list stronger in his program area. But…Goucher is high on his list despite that so we will see.