EA: Nov SAT Scores to Yale

<p>So, everyone got their SAT scores from November today. On Yale's site it says that the November SAT scores will be considered for those applying EA BUT that there is a chance that Yale will not receive the scores in time before your decision is made, saying "Although we cannot guarantee that November scores will arrive before the Admissions Committee convenes, past experience suggests that they will."</p>

<p>On my app, I included an older SAT test (okay, but not great) and left the space for the November SAT test letting them know that I would be taking it. My November scores were much better. How can I make sure that they wait to see my new SAT scores instead of going ahead with the old ones? I would call, but am hesitant since I have heard that they "are not taking inquiries at this time."</p>

<p>Check your app status. It had my nov scores listed already.</p>

<p>same here. both mit and yale had my scores yesterday, even before i got em! so they should be able to look at it before they make the decision</p>