EA or RD chance?

<p>class rank top 10% (9/126)</p>

<p>GPA 7.1 (international baccalaureate scale)</p>

<p>curriculum: full IB diploma;
IB physics higher level
IB history hl
IB english A1 hl
IB german ab initio
IB math standard level
IB visual arts sl
theory of knowledge</p>

<p>sat scores:Reading Math Writing
Mar: 720 720 650
Oct: 690 670 750</p>

<p>sat II: taking literature and physics in november
(but stanford EA does not accept november scores)</p>

<p>TOEFL: 118/120</p>

editor-in-chief of school paper
correspondent to independently funded student magazine
delegate to The Hague International Model United Nations
ambassador to Royal Russell MUN
varsity tennis
weekly tennis lessons
student library advisory</p>

<p>letters of rec: should be pretty good, one from my tok teacher and one form english</p>

<p>essay: my strength is writing so i'm pretty confident this will be good as well</p>

<p>so, should i go EA for stanford or wait for RD?