EA or RD?

<p>I was wondering whether or not I should apply EA, because I read on the website that it is more selective, but it also said that i could be deferred to RD. Therefore, assuming I have no problem with being deferred, is it okay to go for EA?
Life Scout Working on Eagle
4 yrs Cross Country
Started PC repair business
Not much in the way of service</p>

<p>Side Note: Im planning on going into Computer Engineering, and I applied to UIUC-instate. Would it be foolish to pick ND over UIUC or should I just look for how the school fits since these are both high caliber schools?

<p>Looks like you might stand a good chance, just pay careful attention to your essay. Surely you have had service in scouts. Don't know much about your other school choices; consider the fit for you. Good Luck!</p>